You claimed that your burns
Were from being wreathed in flame
And that you knew better than anyone
What warmth felt like

But you are lying to yourself
Those burns are from frost alone
I am the true flame
And I was the only warmth
You ever knew

You always said
That I was black and white
But it was you
Who was colorblind.

When they told me
To find a person of substance
I doubt what they meant
Was an alcoholic.

I just had a breakup with my partner of over four years, and as such, I have been writing poems out my ass. I’m going to post some of them for you all because I feel like it. None of them may be good but they are filled to the brim with emotions.

Ok here’s my .

I’m Gray and I’ve been writing since the tender age of 12 (or maybe earlier I just can’t remember). It’s always been a huge part of my life.

Right now I’m working on my debut novel, which about 2/3rds done and 70,000 words! It’s a fantasy story I’ve been writing for about 1.5 years now.

Other than that, I love writing sci-fi/fantasy and write short stories occasionally. I’ve also got a background in rp so if anyone’s interested in that, hmu.

Let’s be friends!

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