Here we go again. It’s so damn hot. Excuse me while I go sit in a bath of cold water! 😳

@AlexWolfe Yep same temps here too, this is utterly ridiculous. And along with NS and NB, we’re the only locations in the entire country that are suffering. In the brief time I was outside yesterday I felt physically ill, and I kept waking up all night because it was still 30+º overnight with the humidex.

@pim Yeah, we hardly got any sleep last night either. We had two fans going but didn't make much difference. And today we got up to 40 about 30 minutes ago. They're saying it's 2 degrees cooler now, as this big ass storm rumbles through.

Lots of lightning out there at the mo. 😮

@AlexWolfe Yikes, all the more reason to stay safe inside. Not that we needed many more reasons at this point. 🥵

@pim Yeah, not quite as scary as what happened down in Washington, but still, always good to saty in and away from the windows. it’s here for another hour or so.

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