Seeing that a few others on here are doing a I thought to join in. Here’s today’s offering. They’re from the Quebec City Mosiacultures 2022 show of floral sculptures, which is being hosted in my local park, the bois de Coulonge.

It's one of those in between days, the weather cannot make up Her mind anymore than I can, this morning. So instead of fretting, I'll just go play with some photos ... smell the flowers!

Did anyone miss me? I've been on the couch suffering from strep throat this last week. I blame this changeable weather that's hot one minute, humid the next.

Anyway, I've had time to come up with some new projects. Which is always fun. Meanwhile here's a Monday pick me up.

Back at the desk after a busy weekend. And thinking of flowers, plants, weeds and gardening ... yes, we were out (again) at the Mosiaculture 2022 garden festival and I have more photos to process.

Our apartment building is under assault in day 2 of repair work. It's a day from multiple coffees...

Here we go again. It’s so damn hot. Excuse me while I go sit in a bath of cold water! 😳

And ... finally took a pic of my workspace ... my humble little desk area (office) in the bedroom, next to a big arse window. I get easily distracted.

Hey, @pim I forgot to post this for you, yesterday. He turned up on our fly screen! And yes, he was BIG!!

Silent somnolent seagulls float in an azure blue sky,
A single lazy cloud hangs above a verdent canopy of lush green treetops,
The quiet only broken by the breeze rustling leaves to remind me
I’m alive.

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