@kiwi2002 Oh, we're lucky here then, we get the full spectrum. I'll start posting more photos as they next couple of weeks progress. And yes, NS and NB both have great swarths of forest to showcase the Fall, as I'm sure Ontario and most of Canada does.

@Dananner I know they say it's a shrinking economy but that's pushing it! 😂

@kiwi2002 October is the fun month, and Fall here is always spectacular, as long as we don't get early snows.

@ctt Ah, that's better ... we're having a fab sunny day here. Only problem is, it's also only 7 degrees out there!

@maique How super fantastic is that? Congrats on making the front page. And I hope that means more freelance work for you. Bravo!

@maique Oh dear, I assume there's no escaping said killer chicken any time soon? 😆 Run, Maique, run ...

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