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The Pope is about to arrive here, in Quebec City, and the beeping horns are as deafening as are the police sirens screeching all over the city.

Quiet afternoon? I don't think so.

There are already thousands amassed on the Plains of Abraham. 😮

Any other writers out there? I'm working on an online at the mo, COME THE INQUISITOR (among a number of ongoing projects).

I'm having fun creating mayhem. And you?

"THERE WAS NO LIGHT. That was precious knowledge. The realisation of which had cost her more than she would have thought possible.

Everything needs context. And for the darkness to mean anything there had to have been a memory of light.

The memory was fading fast."

Thought of the day:
Have you ever noticed that a large percentage of those asking for advice don’t actually want advice, but approval of whatever it is they’ve already decided to do?

Is it just me or do we live in the time of the Plague what with COVID and Monkeypox everywhere?

I read about cases of Marburg (Ebola cousin) being reported in Africa. Then, in London, they tested urine samples and found polio ...

And now, yesterday, the first reported case of polio in the US in decades.

What's next? 😬

Round two in the thunderstorm cells. The humidity it 90% plus! 😳

We’re in for another long day today, it’s going to be another scorcher! 😳 It’s almost 30 at 8am, already!
Send ice, please!

Bonjour tout la monde!

A BIG shout of of thanks to all my new followers. Looking forward to following along with all your posts, and connecting more.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m and ex-pat Brit living in Quebec, Canada, and yes, along with discussing what I’m writing, or reading, will definitely be talking about where I live.

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