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Yesterday it was humid, hot and 40+ degrees ... I sat in a darkened room with the fans blowing drink lots of water.

Today? It's barely 20 degrees, cloudy and, damn but it feels cold!

What a difference a day makes ...

Did anyone miss me? I've been on the couch suffering from strep throat this last week. I blame this changeable weather that's hot one minute, humid the next.

Anyway, I've had time to come up with some new projects. Which is always fun. Meanwhile here's a Monday pick me up.

So clean up crews have been working through the night here, after last night's violent storm. Down trees and pole, and lots of homes still without power this morning.

It's going to be another tough few days for some.

First full day, today as a fully fledged Canadian citizen.

How shall I celebrate? Oh, don't you know it, coffee! ☕ 😎

Bonjour Fedi friends,

I am so happy to share some big news with you all. Today I took the Oath of Citizenship here, in Québec, and I am now officially a Canadian citizen.

And now, if you will excuse me, I have to go celebrate! 🎈🥳

Need to know a little bit more about me? Then check out my latest post: Get To Know Me.

I am having way too much fun creating a DIGITAL GARDEN, thanks to @cheribaker for the idea.

I've lost the afternoon going down the Rabbit Hole reading up on the idea and then, creating my own version.

More soon ...

Back at the desk after a busy weekend. And thinking of flowers, plants, weeds and gardening ... yes, we were out (again) at the Mosiaculture 2022 garden festival and I have more photos to process.

Reading so many posts today of everyone going somewhere made me think about the places I had on my bucket list, as a kid, and the places I still want to visit. Maybe sooner rather than later ... Let's hope they're all still there when 2023/2024 come around.

Our apartment building is under assault in day 2 of repair work. It's a day from multiple coffees...

Heartbroken to hear of the passing today of the iconic, Olivia Newton John, at 73.

Long may she sing in all our hearts! Vale Olivia.

Here we go again. It’s so damn hot. Excuse me while I go sit in a bath of cold water! 😳

And ... finally took a pic of my workspace ... my humble little desk area (office) in the bedroom, next to a big arse window. I get easily distracted.

There’s a live jive/jazz band blasting it out in our local park, about 20 metres from our balcony. We’re about to go sit out, sip a rose wine, and listen to the free music.
Oh, they just started a swing number, brilliant!

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