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And when night falls
on no path which we move
she traces a climb
in answer to a dark sky’s call...

Full at simplypeachy.co.uk/journal/201

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We've reached a point where we'd like to start developers to work on the roadmap 💻 :writefreely2:

This would be remote, contract-based work for now, with a chance to go full-time later in the year (assuming all continues going well). You'd be creating free / open source software.

I'll have more details soon, but especially if you're a / developer and want to work on a growing project, I'd love to hear from you!

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We have a tea shop in town which always sports an interesting and delicious assortment.

I opted for a pot of Malibu Dream. The waitress said she hasn't sampled that variety yet so I promised to give her a review.

It took the lunch and the empty pot to condense the taste into a succinct reply.

"How was the Malibu tea?"
"It tasted of cherry kisses and welcome sunshine".

Hi dear folks, someone could solve me this question, please: It is encouraged or discouraged using "this is why" in formal writing English?.. thanks!!

Hi folks, It is encouraged or discouraged in formal writing english to start a paragraph with "it". For instance, It is often argued....

It is encouraged or discouraged the usage of "By+ gerunds" in english formal writing?. If it is not encouraged, how you can explain this situation without using it.

Example: by studying arts kids improve their performance in school


Hi dear @wordsmith, please apologize me for my late response--I was correcting my essay, and thank you so much for your feedback, it was exactly what I needed; very precise and useful. You are such a great teacher!!...I just sent you back an email.

Hi @wordsmith , thank you so much in advance!. Sure I can give you my email, it is "camkev2901@hotmail.com".

Hi folks!! hoping you friends are doing it well. I am a Spanish-speaker trying to improve my English writing. I have written an essay on my blog at Quora. It would be very important to me receive your opinions about my writing--mainly if there are mistakes to be corrected. Please, follow the link to my blog and let me know your thoughts.


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