Here's a song for everyone who has a landlord demanding rent during the COVID-19 crisis:

Well, fuck. Today is shit. Could use a break from reality.

I wrote an essay about writing a non-binary character for . Carry, one of the main characters of my story is NB and they are quickly becoming my favorite character to write.

Pimping the web serial site again today. It's cyberpunk sci-fi featuring rebel anarchists fighting against an oppressive government with some witchy elements thrown in to boot. Check it out at: desertdogscoyotearmytales.word

Old and boring: cyberpunk

New and hip: cyberfunk

Anybody got any writing they want to share today? I'm feeling like reading some stuff right now.

So, I don't know how many of y'all are DC Vertigo fans but Peter Gross (artist for Lucifer, Books of Magic, The Unwritten) is doing commissions on Twitter right now. He's been drawing Sandman characters like Morpheus and Death as well. If you got the money to drop it could be a good chance to own an original piece of art by a great comic artist!

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The first draft of Chapter 1 is done! I welcome any editorial feedback (Google Drive link is at the top of the thread) and either tonight or tomorrow I'll edit it and post it on Ao3, right here:

(That's also the place to go if you don't want any spoilers, and only want to read it in a more polished form)

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Since I want more people than just me to be involved with this, I thought it'd be good to ask the :

What hashtag should replace ?

If you have another suggestion, feel free to reply to this toot with it.

(Boosts appreciated!)

('Cause I'm probably gonna boost tf out of this)

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