Scrayden walked away from the party of adventurers worn and glad to be on the move again. But he also felt a pang of sadness. They were wild, a bit mad really, but it had all worked out in the end. He'd even been able to level up with the help of that mad Druid who helped them.
He was disappointed the orb he'd found was not the one from his village, but now he had a lead at least, and a destination.

The great city of Winterfell and the noble Threshmeeds clan.


Dearest Jessica,
I killed a man yesterday. Not that I haven't done it before, but this man had not wronged me or attacked me, at least not yet. He was the former associate of the band of adventurers I ran into after (ruin town) and it was helpful to attack him to gain their trust. Once the battle started a Green Dragon had demanded we all kill this man to feed him or else become a meal ourselves.

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Of course, I could have run, none of them knew me. But I was in the right position behind him after another attack and I brought home my blade into his heart. I watched the light in his eyes go out as he realized I had enchanted him earlier.

I do not regret it, yet I see that face in my dreams now. I haunts me. But I'm glad since I finally have found a clue on the Cressik, with luck, I will soon return to you.

With love, SJ.

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