Hey everyone. I just joined Writing Exchange! If you want to chat, talk about life and or have any problems and need a listener then I am a trained listener on a site called 7 Cups. Also, if you are lonely and just need a friend then I accept everyone no matter what. And or if you just want to chat normal then please let me know.


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@Cypher Welcome to Fediverse.

That is a very interesting introduction. I love writing too, and am active in an international pen pal app called Slowly - not sure if you have seen or heard about it.

Hope you get lots of responses and share these stories. Look forward to it. Cheers!


Thanks. And I'll check slowly. If I can get on there. I'll definitely follow you.

@Cypher I just posted a story on my blog this morning - found as a comment on Reddit. We have a good sub there for the app too.

Blog is here :


Hi, I'm a misanthrophic elitist (non-egalitarian) cannibal. How's it going?

heh heh


>> Can't get on Slowly.

Why, what happened ?

@Cypher I used to be on 7Cups in my highschool. Great to see someone from there. It was a really nice community of good people. 😊

Welcome to Mastodon!

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