Alright, intro post take two: I'm Lauren, and I write stuff. Mostly horror and supernatural fare, but fantasy's something I enjoy too.

I enjoy monsters, especially vampires of the non-sparkly variety. Also I'm likely to start talking about my misadventures in TTRPGs at some point, because that's always fun.

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@naldela_teleyal Thanks for the welcome. 😁 Still figuring this site out, but it's not too bad.

@Draculauren welcome to the! I, for one, welcome stories of misadventure from any backgrounds, RPGs especially. I really should have recorded some of my hilarious escapades in because one didn't even need to know anything about it to get a laugh from them.

@wordsmith Thanks!

Our current Mage cabal is made up of a hacker, a city councilman who knows nearly nothing of magic, a kleptomaniac, and a pastel goth who talks to ghosts. That last one's mine.

We've only had one session so far, but that session involved got really chaotic. Our thief tried to bluff his way out of being arrested by saying he just wanted to lick a magic item, not steal it.

Hey @Lauren S., and welcome to the fediverse! I'm a big fan of Horror in all forms, so I sent you a follow. Hope that's ok :)


Question: if the vampire is sparkling bc it just fed on a stripper, where does that put u? 🤔

Asking for a friend...

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