So I have a lot of feelings about what just happened, and all of them can be summed up as "white-hot, incandescent rage". Believe me, my family's had to hear plenty of it.

I want to just throw myself into my work and keep things off my mind for a little bit, but it's very, very hard right now.

The strangest line of criticism I've ever received was one I got in Creative Writing class. A good chunk of the class didn't see the point of me writing horror, because vampires, werewolves, zombies and so on "aren't real". Seriously, one guy even asked me "Why do you write about these things? You know they're not real, right?"

Well, yeah! Funny, I thought that when writing fiction you were entitled to write about *fictional things*.

Gotta love my friends' GroupMe chat, where we ask things like "So, are werewolves allergic to chocolate?" or "Can you drown in a vat of healing potion?"

I can't help but think that one or both of these issues will come up in a future game.

Working on both my ghost and vampire WIPs on this (way too warm) World Goth Day. 😊

I have my playlist ready, a cup of roses & cream tea, and later I'm going to watch The Crow for roughly the thousandth time. I am *ready*.

Well, made some progress on revising The Quiet House and working on another WIP. The reason why's not the best though: my upstairs neighbors decided 1 AM was a perfect time to play guitar. Couldn't really sleep with that noise going on.

They're having a wedding in their apartment over the weekend. This is going to suck in so many ways.

Anyone else find it impossible to focus on writing when someone's talking to you?

If the TV's on in the background, fine. It's not something I have to engage with. Same goes for music or any other background noise. If someone's speaking to me though? I can't keep going, because now I have to respond to them and try to plot out whatever I was working on.

And lucky me, whenever someone in this household feels inclined to talk, it's me they come to. The person who speaks the least.

@CMSchofield Hi Matt, I'm Lauren. :D Fantasy and horror just so happen to be my favorite things to both read and write.

And to think, I found the coffin torpedo article when looking for another article I *vaguely* remember seeing years ago. It was about coffin-shaped candies that were handed out during roughly the same time period.

I suppose you shouldn't expect anything else from someone who used to carry around a coffin-shaped handbag. 😁

@wordsmith That's the best part of the whole article, imo. Of course, given that they probably weren't even used it's unlikely anyone got made mincemeat of by a coffin torpedo.

@Giagia Right? It's such a neat little turn of phrase, and Lord only knows I have plenty of "rattle brain ideas" of my own.

So here's an interesting little article. Apparently "coffin torpedoes" were a thing in the late 1800's to deter graverobbers.

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The historians and film-makers behind Lady Sapiens: the Woman in Prehistory, a French book and documentary to be published in the UK in September, say they are now seeking to debunk the simplistic division of roles by highlighting advances in the study of bones, graves, art and ethnography often ignored in the public sphere.

Always easier to write when I've got music on, even if my taste can be a bit...unorthodox. :D

Dir en Grey's been my favorite band for a long time now.

@wordsmith Thanks!

Our current Mage cabal is made up of a hacker, a city councilman who knows nearly nothing of magic, a kleptomaniac, and a pastel goth who talks to ghosts. That last one's mine.

We've only had one session so far, but that session involved got really chaotic. Our thief tried to bluff his way out of being arrested by saying he just wanted to lick a magic item, not steal it.

Jerky teenage ghost is a pain in the ass to everyone who moves into his house, film at 11. This story just sort of *happened*, in that I typed it out in a matter of hours.

A short (for a given value of short) story I'm working on, centering around a strange entity haunting someone and just generally ruining their life.

Nothing nicer than a warm cup of tea in the morning. Or maybe three, since I'm on my third, and I promise it will not be the last.

Caramel, cream and rose are a nicer combination than I thought they'd be together. Rose is still the dominant flavor, because rose is one of the stronger floral flavors imo, but I do love it. The cream and caramel flavors are less-prominent, but they're there.

It feels like something fancy. I like it. 😊

@naldela_teleyal Thanks for the welcome. 😁 Still figuring this site out, but it's not too bad.

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