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22: The Pearl Kingdom is up! Our protagonistic friends have settled into a new home but they haven't properly seen it yet, so join them as they take a look at their new home and maybe hack some computers.
(It'll be up on Wattpad and Medium shortly. I also don't know if I ever mentioned it's on those websites; I don't actually care for them much so I never mention them.)

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is available now! Yeah! It's on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo! Check it out! Read the free preview! Have fun! dutholeccuckooland.wordpress.c

What do you do when you're a rock
An ordinary rock
Your life so simple
When suddenly you mutate into a princess
- #719

But hey if anyone wants to give me money and not go through Patreon I have a Ko-fi, granted I don't post weekly updates there because I can't supporter-only posts without paying for a premium service or something but I definitely, usually remember it exists

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I know nobody has a fondness for Twitter here but I'm having terrible trouble connecting to it
and apparently so is everybody with AT&T!!
future of the world without

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Zar: Screw that! I have an idea. Only one of us should go through, and the rest will watch and see what happens.
Az: But who would be willing to do that?
Koop: *is sucking on his shoe... Again*
Zar: Bingo.
Koop: Yes?
Zar: I said Bingo.
Koop: Yeah, you called?
Zar: Your name is KOOP, not BINGO.
Koop: NO IT IS!
Zar: What?
Koop: Exactly. BURN!
Zar: ... Whatever...

So now when Patreon announces changes I tense up and get worried because of what happened back at the start of last year.
This announcement doesn't look like a bad thing, though.

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FF: "House"? "Built"? "Pie"? "The"? I'll do it!
Boodo: ... *goes back into the polkaball*

Paint 3D is a remarkably useless program.

I'm trying to put a flat image around a sphere to see what it would look like as an actual sphere and I can't imagine anyone who's ever used Paint 3D for something like this has ever used the program again.

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I just made another species profile from the available. This one is on kanhases, a furry species found all over Derantu with variations based on region.

I hope the Animaniacs reboot resparks interest in cartoons in that era and we finally get a Freakazoid! movie.

There is a point where the veil drops and everything becomes somber and serious when a character flashes back to a horrible act they've done.
But then the sober moment ends and they go back to the bombastic nonsense. Maybe all that silliness is just their way to cope with stress.

So this chapter I'm editing basically takes place in the middle of a war zone but the main characters are a couple of ridiculous knucklehead goofballs who cavort about and crack jokes and
it feels on-brand for me?? Serious setting, act completely loony.

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