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26: Sea Spectrum is up! Everyone goes sailing and fishing! They're on a boat!
Then they're not on a boat because a figgin sea monster attacks.
Also, Ropak deals with some guilt. It's a mess, maybe someone can help him clear it up.

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is available now! Yeah! It's on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo! Check it out! Read the free preview! Have fun! dutholeccuckooland.wordpress.c

not having a job is the worst
second only to having a job, which is the real worst
and that's second only to not having a job, which is the real real worst
and that's second only to having a (there is no reason to drag this out for 300 more characters)

But I think most people more readily find stuff in group publishment whatever things, I never even know the proper term. And resume readers care more about what you've gotten others to accept than what you've just made. And so I still try.

If I'm being honest a probable hurdle in me finding a place to accept short stories to publish is that I just don't care about publications like magazines and stuff! Never have!
I've always--ALWAYS--been more interested in individuals than groups. 9 times at of 10--19 times out of 20--I've found people I like to follow and read by finding their individual pieces as opposed to ones from a group series. Hex, often I'll read something from those I like and then not look them up after.

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Anthamor walks around on the beach, picking up shells and staring off into the ocean. He is ruggedly attractive except also an anthromorphic flower.

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Just how does Willy Wonka make those everlasting gobstoppers?
"Ah, it's a trade secret, my friend," said Willy Wonka. "And it's defiintely not a giant deer with the power to grant everlasting life that I'm using to make candy!"
Well, that's good enough for me!
- #716

Okay forget all the video game movies we know about that are coming, I really want Microsoft to make a deal with whatever company made Hoodwinked to make a Banjo-Kazooie movie in that animation style

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mm-hmm, oh yes, these vibes i'm getting from this instance of 400 accounts following me in 20 minutes are definitely trustworthy

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"I-I'll die if I touch water!" the Ponyta whined, almost to tears.
"Hey, relax, we can do this," the Mareep comforted, patting the Ponyta but getting burnt. "Ow!"
"I'm MADE of FIRE!" it said, now in tears.

Earlier this week I got an email--my copy of Trogdor! the Board Game (I think that's how you format that) was shipped and would arrive by Thursday next week!
A couple days later I checked the status--it'd moved up to Wednesday!
Yesterday I checked the status--now it was Monday!
USPS has it and it's out for delivery today.
How efficient!

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I've read up to chapter two and actually there are a lot more similarities to me now

This also means there can be an entire group that's of terrible people, but because it's a specific group that can become more visible.
This is compared to Twitter where everyone's in one lump operated by a tower nobody understands or even likes.
But I pay so little attention to Mastodon at large that sometimes I'll notice some recurring theme and I'm like "wait what's going on".

Something weird about Mastodon compared to Twitter is things going on seem to be closer to users. I'm sure there's all sorts of Twitter drama with certain people being widely terrible, but it's a lot easier to not notice.
I think it's both because there's the federated timeline, which means I'm not always just in my own little corner, but possibly the federated setup; the different instances means different groups, all which can have their own things going on. I have more to say.

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"How unexpected!" a Magcargo exclaimed. "...why am I at the docks?" The dock then melted out from under it and the Magcargo fell into the sea, causing a massive amount of steam to erupt up and out in front of the ship that had come.

Moon (no I'm not going to call her Selene) watched an Araquanid, making notes on her Pokedex.
"Aw, it's so caring," she said. "It found a weak Pokemon and pulled it into its bubble to protect it!"
Sun (I'm definitely not calling him Elio) looked up at it.
"Uh, that Araquanid is definitely drowning that Pokemon."
The two trainers glared at each other.
- #752

uhh also midwest i guess
we both raised in midwest

The next book I'm reading is the Robin Williams biography from last year. I'm only ten pages in but my initial thought is, "wow we're complete opposites with the sole exception of jokes"

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