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is available now! Yeah! It's on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo! Check it out! Read the free preview! Have fun! dutholeccuckooland.wordpress.c

Ever wonder what path Donald Trump would take in the hit game (i.e. a game you want to hit when you play it) Shadow the Hedgehog? Well don't worry because I wondered for you! dutholeccuckooland.wordpress.c

Years ago for a college class I wrote a story made entirely(ish) of questions. Maybe someday I'll post the whole thing.

Back to aggressively unsubscribing from donation email lists and I plan to set aside a day next week to finally clean out my 32000+ email inbox

Spin, spin, dance!
Spin and take a chance!
Twirl around and spin!
Stumble to a win!
Stumbling dance,
Wobbly stance,
Dizzy spin
But still you grin.
Spinda spin dance!
- #327

"I'm sorry, but due to new regulations, money can no longer buy love. Happiness still available but supply is limited."

I wish different computers could communicate with each other.

'I can't pay you in money, but I also can't pay you in exposure, but I CAN pay you in self-esteem!'

That's not the order that the year does bring
Those aren't even real seasons
- #586

How dare I only get *checks* 8 hours of sleep

New Zhopolis has a seedy underbelly and a seedy overbelly. A seedy head, too. It's seeds all the way down. You'd think there'd be more plants! dutholeccuckooland.wordpress.c

Wow, people were SUPER INTO FADS in the 17th and 18th century! Seriously though what the hex is going on

"This beautiful little creature is known as the Hungarian Pot-bellied Pig. Even though it is, obviously... something else."