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is available now! Yeah! It's on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo! Check it out! Read the free preview! Have fun! dutholeccuckooland.wordpress.c

Alden has a tough challenge to finish this obstacle course before this cheater. Can he do it? Find out in 13: Testy Wills medium.com/@DuthOlec/wandering

Little ol' Weedle crawled along the forest floor. In a clearing, Aegislash floated by. The Royal Sword Pokemon tipped her shield and gave a quick wave to Weedle.
"Good day, Wheedly."
Wheedly the Weedle gasped and stood up. "Aegislash recognzied me! I'M DESTINED TO BE KING SOMEDAY!"
- #681

*eats a bunch of candy* oh no

I went to the dentist today. When I arrived there... was nobody there?
they were out to lunch. technically i was early so whatever.
Also my teeth are great and I'm actually taking care of them now so everything is cool and good yaaay!

Finally downloaded a Mastodon to my tablet. Now then! where's my password...

I just discovered this game existed and this art style is better than any other rhythm game?? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vib-Ribb

So uh. It's 75 degrees here. That explains why I've been hot all afternoon.

Since kudesos are birds, he's probably lucky the kudeso doesn't just fly over the whole obstacle course. Except then Bir would probably pluck her feathers. 13: Testy Wills wattpad.com/529656845-wanderin

Okay the next Odemon is so big I was barely able to fit it in an image because MS Paint is Bad and Gimp doesn't know how to do small letters correctly. Thinking about just posting these at the two places that actually accept a lot of words (AND HERE I OFT COMPLAIN OF BIG CHARACTER LIMITS) (THE SOLUTION IS TO ABANDON SOCIAL MEDIA)

Hey this is the first time this Pokemon's hashtag actually has results other than my own!