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is available now! Yeah! It's on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo! Check it out! Read the free preview! Have fun! dutholeccuckooland.wordpress.c

Oh, I guess I passed a thousand toots.

"All right, listen up," said to the bus full of Assist Trophies. "We'll be heading right into the heart of WarioWare, Inc., the headquarters itself." He set up a mount in the bus to show blueprints of the building.
Jeff--from Earthbound--sat up in his seat, a hand raised. "Isn't it also the only building?"
"That's what I heard," Gray Fox said, sitting next to Jeff.
"Yeah, it's a small business," Waluigi said. That was because Wario spent most of the money it made on pizza and garlic.

I'm just doing searches for "can i move program files to another drive" "can i move users folder to another drive" "can i move this folder" "this one" "this one"
guess what:

Ran Disk Cleanup and restarted and actually managed to get it up to a whopping 1.5 GB of space, which is still like TEN PERCENT OF WHAT I'D LIKE IT TO BE, but whatever...

Make that less than a quarter of a GB, FOR SOME REASON???
I am seriously like three minutes away from just deleting a backup folder manually and seeing if that makes the computer unusable because at this rate it's gonna be figgin unusable ANYWAY.

So my big computer's SSD drive is literally down to less than half a GB left. It's the one with the actual operating system and stuff on it. I have no idea how to open up space.
At this point I think I'm just going to need to move the entire operating system to the other drive, which generally has 2-10 times as much space available.

Time for me to go to bed, remember for me in the meantime

It's really sad how in all games that don't save after you beat the final boss the canon ending is the heroes get bored before the final door and never beat the bad guy.
Paper Mario? Mario never saves Peach. He just falls asleep in her darkened castle.

Is there seriously no emoji for, like, dirt or soil or diggin? Not even a shovel? What are they doing over there at Emoji Central? I vote we all go back to emoticons.

Daffy Psyduck
Normally irratable due to headaches, also greedy and jealous. When his headaches get really bad, however, a curious psychic power develops that turns him wild and zany like a screwball cartoon character.
- #54

me: okay, next thing i eat is going to be healthy, vegetables or whatever
me six hours later: nope still not hungry enough for that

The bus drove through the darkened streets of Diamond City, music playing from the driver.
"Now we're going off
"to get some map back,
"Not sure why, but I'll try,
"To stay on track."
turned to Kappn' driving the bus. "Would you be quiet? I need to brief everyone."
He looked at the passengers. All Assist Trophies, each one shunted out of being playable.
It occurred to Waluigi that the plot of him getting his own game became more related to Smash than the original intention.

By the way, patrons on Patreon get to read chapters early, as do those who give me a cup on Ko-fi. Next month's chapter will be available later today or tonight depending on when I doze off. patreon.com/dutholec ko-fi.com/Z8Z390RD

The last chapter featured a kudeso as a major character, so I figured we'd take a look at them next. With that I think every major Zhop species has a profile page on my website now. cloudycuckoocosmos.com/cloudy-

Eating dirt
Eating dirt
Eat all the dirt, you can't divert
Eating dirt
Eating dirt
Then eat dirt for your dessert
Eating dirt
Eating dirt
Getting so hard, you must exert
But you gotta eat dirt
Then eat some dirt
Eat more dirt, you can't avert
'Cause before you see your parents you gotta eat dirt
- #246