Time for my monthly visit to Mastodon
Actually I was wondering when the last time I'd actually shared what I'd been working on so avert your eyes while I talk about hypnosisnakerotica.

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Erotica: hypnosis, snakes, lamias (generally SFW!) 

I haven't been able to finish any major work as of late, in part because I needed a break, but I did get a few microstories done recently. I did a couple in February around Valentine's Day starring my faux hypnotic love goddess
And then I got a couple done in March, one with a hypnotic hotel tryst and one with a demon butler

However, while I haven't had as much time to write as I'd like, I've had money to pay artists, so I've gotten some cute and amazing art of my characters!
Look at my good girl Lila!!
First art by Pepperlo
Second art by Orange in a Can

I also got a cute and wholesome(?) couple of works depicting a sort of exaggerated idea of how Lila dates (she's very nervous at first, but once she opens up can go really hard!)
Content warning for hypnosis and lamia/snake!
Art is by Sepisnake

I don't know if I ever showed off my faux love goddess' Jb's main art but I've also gotten art of her being overpowered and hypnotizing four people at once since.
Content warning: lamia/snake with magically enhanced hypnosis and sex appeal??
First art is by Darkeyez07 (NSFW)
Second art is by PsychoWolffy (also NSFW I think?)

There's an artist by name of Azupazu who does art streams with comms for pre-made poses and I've gotten a couple, one of my slime lamia Ageul and the other of my lamia Enna (alongside Azupazu's salamander girl Aru)
Azu (NSFW):

I got art of my snake Persnakety. He's a wholesome and pure and helpful nerd snake. Also had been wanting to get art of Ursula from Little Witch Academia and liked the idea of them researching something together so I got that.
1st by Mallous Callous (NSFW):
2nd by RedSnakeDraws (also NSFW):

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