The final of is up, with victory held and reflections given. This will be the last update for a little while, as my focus has moved elsewhere. I'll get to finishing this for publishing at some point, but I can't say when.

36: A Top Team Escape
The penultimate chapter! While Top flees with the princess, Ropak distracts King Eintandus from following. Even if he can avoid being turned to dust from Eintandus' huge weapons, he and Alden still gotta get out of the castle--and past a hoard of guards along the way!

35 of : Flight of the Guardian! We're in the final stretch--Top is fleeing the Thraundlus Kingdom castle, escorting Princess Serani out (inside themself). There are still plenty of soldiers fighting throughout the castle, though, so Top will have to be quick on their feet and quick in the head to get through! They'll have to be even faster than Top's Pizza's promise of a pizza to you in 30 minutes or less!

34: Courage Now or Forever No Peace
Alden barges into the Thraundlus Kingdom throne room with intention to stop the sham wedding, but unfortunately the king has a lot of guards. Alden just has one Guardian. He'll have to think fast to deal with the king, but help from friends is always good to have.
It's hard to tell if what Top does is actually help sometimes, but it usually is.

33: Dungeon Duel is up! Alden has reached the dungeon, only to find the princess gone. Will he be caught, or will he find where the princess was taken and get to her? He'll need to think quickly to get out of this dungeon optimally.

New year! New chapter! Same fighting! Well, not the same fighting, but in 32: Food Fighting, Top enters the middle of a melee in the castle. They eventually get thrown into the one place they can do the most damage: a kitchen.

31: Knucklehead Goofball
This chapter features gratuitous nonsense and fighting. That means it's really good! Ropak joins back with Top and the two fight through a castle. They also get on their allies' nerves.

30 of is here! It's the beginning of the climax; Alden fell in love with Princess Serani, but now she's been captured by an enemy kingdom. He joins the Salenth Kingdom's military to try and save her, with Top taking up distraction duty. But Alden will find more than the princess here. He'll have to juggle his goals until he figures out a way to make up for things.

Part of me has kind of felt this speech is melodramatic or something, but another part of me says that's kind of his intent with it. From 29: Friend Missing; Love Gone!

29: Friend Missing; Love Gone! is up!
Alden stumbles upon a Salenth Kingdom military camp and gets involved in a big mess. He has Top, but he'll have to stand up for himself to make it.
This chapter leads into what is basically the climax over a series of chapters. We're heading into action for the rest of this story, get ready for a ride!

It's apparently a common thing for writers to forget cell phones exist. My first two books (and the start of my third) were in places without them, but now... well, I just have a note when editing now to remember cell phones.
From 28: Sorry Search

Yesterday it was SEVEN YEARS since I began writing this sad little story about a sad and lonely magma monster. Liquid Melancholy

28: Sorry Search is up!
Alden snapped at his friends and broke them apart. Can he pull himself together and apologize, or will they drift away? It may be night, but he's not going to stop until he's made up with Top and Ropak--but that may be easier said than done, and there may be something unexpected afoot...

I forgot to mention it, but today was one year since I finished my April Fool's story for this year, wherein I wrote a horror story. The horror? An election and presidency. ooohhhh

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