i should probably figure out what the last thing i shared in my romance/erotica works is but instead i'm just gonna put that off and share another odemon in a moment

now that's what i call a sucker punch
Pokemon Moon Comic 118

idk. social media etiquette? 

@HabitEXE i want all the jokes
and all the advice
Like seriously I'm used to never getting answers to questions or advice on things when I bring them up and when I do it's honestly the most refreshing thing in the world because... someone cares enough to try and help aaa!!
But I dunno I'm hardly around on this... website? these days.

Pokemon Moon Comic 117: Brushing Incineroar


if you're like me you forget escavalier isn't excavalier so here's a handy mnemonic

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- #589

And today I put up a profile for a new character, content warning: BIG SPIDER LADY 

She's a mother of monsters, she's kind and gentle but her numerous kids are basically monstrous demonspawn

Oh yeah oh yeah, stuff
Yesterday I put up the April 2021 Microstory Collection, which featured the April Fool's joke I did and then two hypnotic dating stories. cloudycuckoocosmos.com/hypnosi

Oh yeah by the way I opened a Sponsus
It's basically Patreon but smaller but with extra stuff like a shop and one-time donations and is more open on kink/NSFW so I can actually write hypno stuff on it
I just posted a story about dating a vampire! sponsus.org/u/dutholec/p/blood

@Colophonscrawl Would I get reported for promoting psychic vampirism when all parties consent?
And if so
do I get reported to a psychic vampire??

thank you for scrolling past my snakes see you next month!!

I got art of my snake Persnakety. He's a wholesome and pure and helpful nerd snake. Also had been wanting to get art of Ursula from Little Witch Academia and liked the idea of them researching something together so I got that.
1st by Mallous Callous (NSFW): deviantart.com/mallouscallous
2nd by RedSnakeDraws (also NSFW): twitter.com/RedSnakeDraws/

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There's an artist by name of Azupazu who does art streams with comms for pre-made poses and I've gotten a couple, one of my slime lamia Ageul and the other of my lamia Enna (alongside Azupazu's salamander girl Aru)
Azu (NSFW): twitter.com/Azupazu

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I don't know if I ever showed off my faux love goddess' Jb's main art but I've also gotten art of her being overpowered and hypnotizing four people at once since.
Content warning: lamia/snake with magically enhanced hypnosis and sex appeal??
First art is by Darkeyez07 (NSFW) deviantart.com/darkeyez07
Second art is by PsychoWolffy (also NSFW I think?) deviantart.com/psychowolffy

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I also got a cute and wholesome(?) couple of works depicting a sort of exaggerated idea of how Lila dates (she's very nervous at first, but once she opens up can go really hard!)
Content warning for hypnosis and lamia/snake!
Art is by Sepisnake deviantart.com/sepisnake

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