Frustrated. I love writing, but I find myself procrastinating indefinitely.

To keep myself accountable, I'm writing here that I'll try, for the next week, to write a little something everyday, at 4pm.

And to share it here.

What do you think of (s) in general? (E.g. "write something everyday")

Having said that, I need to work on compartmentalize my thoughts and time. I always think that I have so many things I want/have to do and to learn, but I feel like I end up doing nothing.

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I'm starting to think that holding yourself up to the highest standards of productivity might be a way of self-sabotaging.
For me, at least.

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Comments and conversations are coming to @write_as soon! Today, we just rolled out our new landing page:

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go in a direction, slowly
Synonyms: meander
gerund or present participle

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Dear community,

I wrote this brief essay on Albert Camus' L'Étranger.

Feedback on style, content, structure, etc., is more than welcome :)

Hope you like it

Ok, I've been playing with wordrpress for a while now, but I'm not very pleased with it. I feel like it has too many confusing, useless features that can be overwhelming at times. This kinda breaks my flow.
Does anyone have a suggestion for a simple blogging platform to start? I'm looking for free options, for now :)

Hi! 👋
My name is Mari. I am an Italian aspiring translator and journalist.
My studies (I've been writing my Master's Degree thesis for years now 🎻 ) have revolved around French literature, but I've dabbled in studying classic English and German lit as well.
I've always wanted to write, but something has been stopping me these past few years. I'm opening a blog (private for now) as a bit of a training and I'm hoping to find here a motivating and inspiring community. :)

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