Journey + Opinions ahoy...! 

So, I have been focussing on songwriting for the past year. It's been very important to admit new things to myself. The impermanence of my emotions is something I'm learning every day. Music helps me pour out and let go. Who are some of your favorite songwriters, (spoken word) poets, or (cultural) orators?

Ocean Vuong is an unforgettable voice.

I fell far out of love with slam-poetry as soon as I met it. Too preachy or desperate.

Hello, all! You may call me Tutu. 

I just joined `don, and I'm so very excited to be here! I lurked for a day over on my other account to learn how it works, and I'm excited to share my stuff and get some critiques and improve my poetics, story-telling, prose, and maybe even my song-writing if I feel vulnerable enough!

Check out my bio + links for all the things. & If anyone would like to talk poetry, phenomenology, spirituality or music, don't hesitate to reach out, future-friends! 🤲

Writing Exchange

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