Hello, all! You may call me Tutu. 

I just joined `don, and I'm so very excited to be here! I lurked for a day over on my other account to learn how it works, and I'm excited to share my stuff and get some critiques and improve my poetics, story-telling, prose, and maybe even my song-writing if I feel vulnerable enough!

Check out my bio + links for all the things. & If anyone would like to talk poetry, phenomenology, spirituality or music, don't hesitate to reach out, future-friends! 馃げ

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Hello, all! You may call me Tutu. 

@Fey_Mebratu Hey, welcome to the Writing Exchange! It sounds like you are multiworded if you go all the way to writing song lyrics. As I once critiqued my own writing "Poetry is just lazy song writing" :-)

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