I didn't know you could share directly to Masto from Duolingo. Eh bien! Voilà.

"I’m flexing my French skills with Duolingo Stories!" (this is their blurb, not mine. I must say that I like their stories, lots of colloquial expressions, c'est génial)

I haven't posted anything about my crafts projects recently, must remedy immediately:

Knitting a new shawl, Follow Your Arrow 2. In fact I'm knitting a second version of the same combo I did before, different weight and colour of yarn.

The pattern has five parts where you have a choice of two different pattern per section. I like my choices of option B all through so going with that again.

Loving this knit.

.. potted kitchen herbs (they call them Living Basil, Dill, Chives, what have you) and their chives and thyme were much nicer and cheaper than the garden centre's not on offer. So I bought a second lot.
I now have a full balcony box thing too.

My friend assures me that they will grow a lot. Must get bigger pots.

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Huge today. I only sewed both bits of fabric onto the wrong side of my work in progress project, nope and double nope, I did them both wrong twice! And that's not the end of it... I then proceeded to sew the first lot on just fine (phew), and guess what I did with the second piece? Yep. Indeed. I had to rip out five seams, thankfully not very long but still. What the ever loving...?
Time for a nice cup of tea.

I also didn't order both the original wills (PROB 10 series) that I wanted to look at to try and decipher own names I can't read in the clerks copy (Ref: PROB 11). Not sure how I managed that.
I hadn't been to TNA in around ten years so this visit was mainly for orientation: how long to get there, what the system is now and to see how I'd get on. I want to go back at some point soon, time allowing.

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I thought that was too funny. On the other hand I would rather he'd have worn it.

Is that a dove rather than a pigeon? The colouring seems lighter. And not so grey.

This bird actually sat down within three meters of me and even let me take a couple of snaps. It was busy munching on the leaves of the flower pot next to its pot.

I don't know why someone wrote "Re-evaluate what we value" in chalk next to the door of this building. It looks like it could have been a bank once I thought.

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