What Flatbush Cats in New York are doing for cays is utterly admirable. This is a video about their new spay and neuter clinic at affordable prices. I totally admire their dedication to getting homeless cats off the street. You'll want to watch all their other videos too. Warning though, there'll be at least one cat who will steal your heart.

Watch "Help us build a new affordable spay neuter clinic in Brooklyn" on YouTube

@KolokokoBird I think I saw a YouTube video about that subject, Sci-something? I had no idea that there are two kinds of smoke alarm and one of those has the bad habit of not going off in certain conditions. But you would think that honest-to-goodness fire wouldn't be one of them!

@KolokokoBird Oh wow! That's fascinating. Thanks so much for posting about that.

@AlexWolfe The jigsaw my sister picked is called Live through the Ages, it has different tile-like areas with couples on them. All sorts of different eras and cultures. And there is also a pair of swans, and a Princess and a frog! Painted, not photos. So lovely!
I debated getting it myself too but it's 1500 pieces and just too big. I have nowhere to put it together.
Nice for her to have the one copy in the family as well. I'll get to admire it at her place.

I learned "de pire en pire", worse and worse, a while ago. I was curious about what 'better and better' is. It follows the same logic! (I like that) It's: "de mieux en mieux". Okay then. Found a third one: "de mal en pis", that's: from bad to worse.

Example: "La championne joue de mieux en mieux...", the champion is playing better and better...

@AlexWolfe Having said that, I made a bit of an effort with the wall that's behind me on Zoom calls (I'm so not letting anyone peak at my occasionally messy room !). I put up a number of pictures frames, most with something in it, though not all. The frames are all different and I had huge fun selecting them.
My poor sister recently moved and now has a blank (white) wall behind her. She thought it over and let me give her a gorgeous jigsaw puzzle (she likes them) that she can showcase there.

@AlexWolfe Four bland walls has to be the absolute worst that can be said of an environment (only made even more horrendous if they happen to be painted magnolia, bleurgh. Or beige...). It's almost a concept, a bit similar to saying "vanilla". I definitely want to avoid anything that feels like "four bland walls" whenever I can!


@CJDouglass And I should add that fish for sushi needs to have been refrigerated at a ridiculously low temperature (I forgot the exact number), in quite an industrial process, to be allowed for use in sushi. I wouldn't want to use raw fish without being assured that it is sushi grade. Should have said earlier.
Vegetable maki is another way to go. They're not bad either. Avocado carrot, seaweed... Delicious too.

@AlexW Oh thank you so much! I got really lucky taking the snapshot. I happen to take pictures of this specific tree quite often, this was one I lucked into.


@CJDouglass Onigiri look really interesting too. I just had to look them up but do know them. Great idea to make them yourself, I'll look into that!
I realised why I only made sushi once: because it's so expensive to get realiably sushi grade fish. I bought some salmon in Selfridges food hall. It was a special occasion and totally worth it, but I'll likely not buy this very often. Too pricey.

All the best for the next batch of bagels!


The sunset in real life was nicer but the colours in this photo make me think of a painting.


@CJDouglass Good luck! I hope it works out well so you'll want to make more another time.

Which reminds me of making sushi, ages ago. Very yummy, I really must do that again soon, it's been too long.

@AlexWolfe I love being able to sit next to a window when working from home. Makes such a nice change to the office environment.
Happy homeworking! Despite, or because of, the distraction...

@masterofsorrow I can just about imagine what the 70s and 80s retail buildings look and feel like. Shudder inducing.
Hope you're having a nice time there (despite the less nice elements of the place).

@katebowles That's a gorgeous drawing, it's bound to make a very gorgeous tattoo!

Hope your day won't feel too long or arduous. To a happy outcome.

I can only recommend Tge Shawshank Redemption fervently! It is a really good film. I hope the next bit doesn't give too much away: 


There is one scene in the film that doesn't gel much with the book and the spirit of the story but I suppose it is meant to make the (happy) ending more interesting. I found the positive ending interesting enough and very satisfying.
It's quite strange that the novella is by Stephen King. It's different to a lot of his other books.

@ghost_bird Thanks so much! Those sound interesting, I had never heard of the the Marat/Sade film, had to look up that one and the Utena film.
I read the Maltese Falcon book ages ago (I couldn't remember most of the plot, to be honest) and finally got to see the film recently. I really liked it. I saw a few Humphrey Bogart films in the past but he is more interesting in this one. I think it was his breakout role.

And I went to see the play at the old county hall, it was great. The changes of the sets were well done, and their design was so clever. Loved the whole idea of the Jury box. We sat in the gallery on the right so unfortunate didn't see the witness stand much, that was a shame. But great play. Well acted.
Though all in all I prefer the film. I didn't remember all the other roles. Miss Plimsoll! Oh my gosh... Charles Laughton, all really, really good.

Oh! Harold and Maud is a film I long wanted to see. I must figure out how to catch it.
I'll likely need to look into the other two, not sure if I heard of them.

My absolute favourite is Shawshank Redemption. I loved the novella and was delighted that the film is even better. And I had long thought what I wanted to happen, and the film covered it! Fabulous.
Do you know it?

I caught up on a few movies (in an honest-to-goodness, actual cinema!) that I long wanted to see. I'm so pleased that the Marlene Dietrich 'Witness for the prosecution' held up well since I saw it decades ago. It remains one of my Top 5 favourite films.

What are your favourite movies? I'm curious.

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