I keep having to remind myself that birdsite is a distorting lens, and the kind of hate thats everywhere on there is much less common in physical world space.

@InBabel I just popped in here from over there because this morning felt especially toxic.

@steven_ovadia Its great to have the mastodon alternative, Twitter is like a science fiction plot device, the machine that filters and concentrates hate into one place, and then, disguised among cat memes, projects it into its unwitting audience.

@steven_ovadia Yeah, definitely, but I'm not clear on how aware everyone is about what they're choosing to beam straight into their amygdala. Twitter is on the surface really attractive, connecting with people easily, and sharing things, its a lovely idea. But it comes with this intense darkness that is probably doing measurable harm to at least some of them without them realizing.

@InBabel I hear what you're saying but I think, on some level, many/some people there get it's all rage and anger and get something out of that.


@steven_ovadia Thats a fair point, the world is full of people who love adrenalin highs, and Twitter is an easily accessible one.

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