"So did they pass this one?"

"No. This species has failed every test."

"But this was an easy one! Every other species stopped a pandemic almost immediately."

"Humans are so frustrating. If they'd pass just one global cooperation test, we could make contact with them. That's the only requirement!"

"They do survive all the natural disasters though?"

"They even create their own disasters. And still they survive! I have no idea how they’re still alive."


@InvaderXan The Fridge Horror here of course is that this species is evidently willing to kill millions of us in order to test whether we are fit for contact...

@ljwrites I made a point of including the phrase “natural disasters” to imply that they’re simply observers...

@InvaderXan I guess I'm too used to the omniscient alien narrative because I was like omg they're powerful enough to cause natural disasters 😱

@InvaderXan oh, so that's why! x)
i mean, the "they even create their own disasters" part loosely reminds me of like human companions stuff from tumblr 'cause we're so resistant compared to other life forms... if i could only remember the tag i used when i reblogged these :o

@Milouchkna @InvaderXan Is that the "humans are space orcs" thread? I can't find the exact thing at the moment but I think there's a book now!

@ljwrites @InvaderXan oh, there's a book now! haha! but yeah, there was a lot of like, small variations that made these fun to read and the human companions stuff i remember was a whole less orc-ish and more like we're the cats of the universe?

@ljwrites @InvaderXan so, apparently, i simply tagged them as human companion lol...

(and i also totally forgot the whole book thing too since i reblogged the call for submissions in this tag...)

@InvaderXan I guarantee, it'll be humans designing Disaster Area's AV and pyrotechnics touring gear.

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