I know why people love making everything from aliens to mythical creatures human shaped. Because, you know, it lets them do typically human things without difficulty. Also, we've had decades of TV and movies where these things are played by either human actors, or made extremely anthropomorphic by animators.

But consider: How much would it improve stories if every writer decided to just... not do that?

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A dragon who likes reading books, but they're actually dragon sized. Their eyesight is good enough to read human sized print, but they need to very delicately hold the book in their talons. Sneezing is potentially catastrophic.

An alien who's totally not human but still likes to hug their human friends with their bulbous octopus-like arms.

A Sea Monster who is actually a huge scaly beast but makes friends with some humans and sits in the water by their ship, playing cards with its tentacles.

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A fae who's just a tiny mushroom and likes to sit on the shoulder of her big human friend and give commentary on how weird she finds human culture.

You're friends with an alien. They're a 10 metre tall floating gas bag. You live in a 4th floor apartment and you move the TV close to the window so you can watch movies together.

An plant creature which is literally a tree, walking on big roots. He likes to hold your hand with a branch but keeps knocking things over when he tries to walk with you.

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A fire sprite who likes to hide in lampshades so she can prank people who think they're switching the lights off. Also, she can't touch anyone or she'll burn them. She likes to eat moths.

An elephant. Just literally an elephant. Except he likes to play baseball. He's the best pitcher on the team. They bought a reinforced bench so he can sit with the other players.

An alien who doesn't have any obviously recognisable face. Humans keep talking to her back by accident and she finds this hilarious

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An plant creature? Oh well, you get the idea, even if there are typos

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lewd, silly 

@InvaderXan Some also say they make them human-like to make them more fuckable but shouldn't be a problem if you aren't a coward

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@amandag Someday we will make contact with aliens, and they will be as bemused as I am about the fact that humans are so unhealthily obsessed with fucking literally anything, including inanimate objects and imaginary creatures.

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