New Ko-Fi post β˜• Map of Elos and Taranis. The home of my two protagonists, and the starting point for the story. It's still under the working title of Those Left Behind. I'm sure I'll think of a proper title soon enough.

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My working title is now Roots and Ruins, please everyone stop telling me about some weird evangelical book series I've never heard of

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That does, I realise, sound awfully similar to Books and Bone, but I'm hoping that @vicorva won't mind

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@InvaderXan Amazing work on the map! Those Left Behind is a great working title, too, because nothing will motivate you to come up with a different title quite like the need not to be confused with the Xtian fundamentalist megahit :blobsweats:

@InvaderXan it's a very USian thing but was huge at the time, I remember Korean translations coming out too. Then again S. Korea has a large Evangelical population and is very much in the U.S.'s cultural orbit.

@ljwrites Yeah, this stuff and the parts of culture I pay attention to for whatever reason have like, zero overlap. The venn diagram is just two separate circles πŸ˜‚

@InvaderXan I quite like 'Those Left Behind'. Another excellent map, you have quite the skill for making these.

@GwenfarsGarden It kinda fits with the whole running theme of looking for home and/or being left behind in the story, too. Hmmm...

maybe "Those left behind" sounds a bit too much like the "Left behind" series, something you don't want to be confused with. (right wing christian horror books)

@InvaderXan nah, X and X is the an extremely common SFF book naming convention. Wouldn't even have thought of it if you didn't bring it up!

Also Roots and Ruins sounds amazing. :D

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