WHINY RIGHT WINGERS: SJWs are ruining Star Wars by making it political


I realise that one reason I'm disappointed with the new Star Wars trilogy is that it could've been a cautionary allegorical tale about avoiding the second rise of fascism after the victory of the original trilogy. That would make the three trilogies a nice little allegorical trifecta of the rise of authoritarianism, the defeat of fascism, and how to prevent its return.

Sadly, JJ Abrams doesn't know how to write anything without mystery box storytelling and nostalgia bait.

A pity.

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They were always going to complain about "making it political." They should've been given something to actually complain about.

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@InvaderXan that's more commercially viable under capitalism. Compare D&D to all other ttrpgs out there. The ones that have mystery box storytelling and appeal to the OSR with nostalgia bait are successful. The games that question the source of authority and actively oppose fascism, hardly anybody plays. Blame the American market, as well as the people playing to it.

@WanderingBeekeeper Our culture is awash with nostalgia bait currently. That's why everything which isn't a straight up remake of an old story is either a continuation of an old franchise (like Star Wars or Mad Max), or crammed full of old references (like Stranger Things or Super 8).

Mostly I blame the fact that millennials were promised a wonderful future and got... this. Of course people yearn for days when they actually felt optimism. That feeling is being exploited.

@InvaderXan Same here. When TFA first hit, I was disappointed that it was just rehashing a previous generation's battles...but then as 2016 went on, I said, "Oh, I get it..."

Then TLJ told a nuanced story about having to work hard to preserve hope against overwhelming odds & with fractured alliances.

And then RoS was all about how none of this would've happened without space Hitler getting reincarnated, and we'll all be fine once he's gone.

@KelsonV @InvaderXan tfa and tlj were so fuckin good

why did tros have to be. like That

@00dani @KelsonV Ugh. I've tried to stop being salty about Rise of Skywalker and I just... I just can't do it

@InvaderXan I'm not sure how much JJ actually does the writing. I've seen his older shows (Alias, Fringe) and they aren't terrible. I suspect he's just being handed scripts and made to work with them.

@InvaderXan "dont make star wars political"

star wars: the villains are space nazis

@InvaderXan I didn't know they were always called Sith. I thought that was prequel stuff

@InternetEh @InvaderXan I don't think it's spoken in the dialogue but it was part of the world in the head of lucas and script and stuff. I think the novelization has it too but I last read that probably 17 years ago

@InvaderXan Also people: Well the Empire isn't fascist nazis you see.........

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