WHINY RIGHT WINGERS: SJWs are ruining Star Wars by making it political


I realise that one reason I'm disappointed with the new Star Wars trilogy is that it could've been a cautionary allegorical tale about avoiding the second rise of fascism after the victory of the original trilogy. That would make the three trilogies a nice little allegorical trifecta of the rise of authoritarianism, the defeat of fascism, and how to prevent its return.

Sadly, JJ Abrams doesn't know how to write anything without mystery box storytelling and nostalgia bait.

A pity.

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@InvaderXan Same here. When TFA first hit, I was disappointed that it was just rehashing a previous generation's battles...but then as 2016 went on, I said, "Oh, I get it..."

Then TLJ told a nuanced story about having to work hard to preserve hope against overwhelming odds & with fractured alliances.

And then RoS was all about how none of this would've happened without space Hitler getting reincarnated, and we'll all be fine once he's gone.

@KelsonV @InvaderXan tfa and tlj were so fuckin good

why did tros have to be. like That


@00dani @KelsonV Ugh. I've tried to stop being salty about Rise of Skywalker and I just... I just can't do it

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