Don't go out after curfew. It's there for your protection. There are far more terrifying and unspeakable things out there than a virus, and your risk is highest after dark. Best not to tempt fate.

It's Thursday today, isn't it? Wait, maybe it's Friday? You hope inwardly that it isn't Sunday, because then you'd have missed the entire weekend. Again. Not that weekends have any meaning anymore. But wait, what year is it...?

Every time you catch the bus or the train, you see the same girl sitting there across from you. She always sits unnaturally still and upright. Her face is hidden by a vermillion mask, and her baseball cap is pulled low. Try not to look too closely at her, and make sure you don't meet her eye. It's safer for you not to catch her attention.

There's a steaming hot cup of tea on your kitchen counter, but you don't remember making it. But you probably just made it for yourself absentmindedly and forgot. Yes, that must be where it came from. After all, you live alone.

The street outside is empty. It's always empty. But don't worry, it's totally safe to go out to buy groceries, so long as you wear your mask properly. Those shadowy things you see from the corner of your eye won't attack if they can't see your face.

You check your kitchen cupboard. A bag of rice, a bag of beans, and some miscellaneous jars of spices. You go on a carefully planned trip to your local grocery store to stock up and come home with a bag full of supplies which you carefully put away before relaxing for the evening. Later, you check your kitchen cupboard. A bag of rice, a bag of beans, and some miscellaneous jars of spices.

There are people just outside your apartment door, making too much noise. You put on a mask and open the door to ask them to quiet down a little. There's no one there. You close the door. As you sit back down, you hear people just outside your apartment door, making too much noise.

You sometimes see a strange, nameless account listed in the group chat. Try to ignore it, and try to ignore its blank screen which appears in the group video call. Reassure yourself that it's just a software glitch. Trust me, it's better if you don't know what's really listening in to your conversation.

A piece of paper is shoved under your apartment door one afternoon. Confused, you get up to investigate. The words "can you help me?" are scrawled on it, in red marker pen. It looks like your handwriting.


Lots of online libraries have tried to become more accessible during lockdown. Many books are available to read online. Some very old. With strange writing, indecipherable illustrations, and curious looking symbols. Be careful, if you’re taking notes. It’s unwise to copy down any sigils unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

There’s a drone outside, hanging motionless in the middle of the street. You don’t know why it’s there. As you watch, it suddenly turns and darts away in one direction. You hear a shout. Hurried footsteps. Then silence. Slowly, the drone glides back to its original spot.

You feel uncomfortable, being stuck at home so much. Nowhere to go, and no company. It's making you feel absent minded, but you never seem to misplace anything. Everything you look for is curiously easy to find. The ghost haunting your home appreciates the company, and this is their only way of letting you know.

The streets outside are even emptier at night than they are by day. They feel hollow. Sombre. The lights seem a little darker. Empty, dark windows feel like they’re watching you. Try to ignore anything you hear if you go out there. You’re all alone. It’s only the wind, no matter how much it sounds like whispering voices.

You look out of your window. There’s a kid in the street, wearing a scarlet hoody. He’s standing outside a building. Not doing anything. Just standing there. Facing towards the doorway. You can’t see his face clearly with that bright red mask he’s wearing. He turns and looks directly at your window. Directly at you. He smiles. You know, even though you can't see it. Involuntarily, you take a step back. You blink. Then he’s gone.

You wake up one day and look outside to see that all the cars usually parked in the street have been replaced by unmarked white vans. You never see anyone driving them, and never see anything being loaded into or unloaded from them. After a few days, they’re all gone, and the cars are all back.

(That last one is based on something that actually happened outside my apartment last April)

@InvaderXan And then you hear something. Something rustling in the bushes. Followed by a great wet and stinky fart. Your nostril hairs burn. You are jumped on! And this person sits on your face and lets loose another horrendous bottom belch, foul fumes erupting noisily and wetly onto your whole face. You pass out.
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