Extremely important question: Is a crow a birb?


For anyone who answered option 3, please consult this highly scientifical and carefully designed chart

@InvaderXan @lilov I agree on that one. Crows can be birbs if they want to (or if it's really cold), but they can also be sleek messengers of Very Scary Things. If you're smart and flexible enough, you defy simple categorization. But why do we need to pigeon hole them? Can't we just enjoy them for the lovely creatures they are?


Crows bring presents to hooomans they like. Hence, they are birbs. QED.

@InvaderXan Suggests the possible existence of flying floofy horrors.
@InvaderXan People don't realize owls are 80% floof. A wet owl looks like a skeletal horror.

@mike Never stops being impressive how much floof an owl is made of!

@InvaderXan @mike most very very terrifying birds are flightless

Except, perhaps for pelicans

@InvaderXan Any scary thing can also be a cute thing; it's all a matter of perspective! Just think of all the non-cute things cats do to mice -- and yet!

@Mayana Yeah, pretty much any cute thing can be horrifying in its own way.

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