🦖 "A sudden bite of chill wind. The scent of the sea intermingled with the chalky redolence of broken masonry. And somewhere, buried underneath, the bitter scent of nasturtium leaves. Zaina stops sharply, her breath catching in her throat. In front of her, shattered, indented asphalt. An enormous footprint."

(Mild CW for horror, terror, loss, grief, and implied gore)

@InvaderXan Touching and beautiful. :ms_blue_jay:
And at times, rather scary! Not gonna lie, I wasn't quite certain you weren't going to kill one of them off.

@Mayana 💚 Glad you liked it! And also kinda glad their situation felt as precarious as I was aiming for 😅

@InvaderXan This is lovely! So dark but with a heart of hope.

Also kaiju apocalypses are underused.

And excuse me, but ... I guess they didn't cancel the apocalypse? XD

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