I haven't really written in ages, it's been a struggle. But then yesterday it came out of nowhere with this new writing idea. I got home at 530pm, started writing and didn't stop until 130am. I couldn't even go to sleep! I just have work at 830am so I knew I had to try to sleep. No matter how much weed I smoked I still couldn't fall asleep until 3am. This has only ever happened once before with my novel, Anything. I think I've found my genre πŸ’œ

The holiday season just really makes me wanna reread my latest novel with all of its cheeriness mixed with family dysfunction and downward spirals.

I think my novel, 'Anything' is my most favorite thing I've ever written.

Poetry is weird for me. I won't write a poem for months, years sometimes, then they just BOOM come out of nowhere, like 3 at a time. I think they have a mind of their own.

I'm so disappointed. I live in an area that's all about supporting artists and other creators, but there's not one writers group available to me. There's one that meats every Tuesday at 9am, but hello I have to work. This sucks.

Getting back to work on an old project, i forgot how good it is! Just in time for nanowrimo πŸ˜‹ working with an artist to get a cover done too! Super exciting!

Hey everyone, thanks for having me! I'm really excited to get involved with this community and help support my fellow indie authors! I mainly write fiction, but I also write poetry from time to time and I've also written one non-fiction book.
I self publish my work and do all of my own advertising. You can find me on most socials as Jweaverwrites.
When I'm not writing I'm either working my day job, playing video games, or getting 2nd place at Horror Trivia (every freaking time!)