I write fiction and non-fiction, but I prefer writing fiction. My problem? I have so many ideas, they all bump into each other. I never feel like I can focus on just one story.

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@Jacobevans Your mileage may vary, but thanks to this same feeling, I ended up with a massive hard drive packed with stunted story fragments and not much finished work. On reflection, I found I was in love with my ideas — because, as long as they were ideas (instead of finished work), they could cavort eternally in the delightful sunshine realm of pure potential. By contrast: finished work has warts and almost always falls short of expectations ... but is real. Good luck, man!

This is surprisingly accurate. It's kind of scary turning something in that is 'finished' because there's no going back at that point. Is it weird to be afraid of finishing something?

@Jacobevans @markmcelroy Sure, because in a way it become a hardened. It’s tough imagining it any other way. That said, finishing (even when it’s shit) is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It’ll give you the morale you need to tackle a draft or start a new project or whatever.

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