My thing was about a relationship I had. Even though other people are mentioned, the only person I felt who deserved an input was the other person I was writing about (my ex), and he was super supportive so I lucked out there. I dont think I could ever write about my family or anything like that though...


I just finished a 10 page memoir/essay piece. I mentioned it on here a couple times. It was so hard to get through! I'd much rather write about made up people in my head than myself! Laundry is my writing escape, haha

@wion tell me about it! I'm my own worst critic, and it takes forever to get through a piece

So, I've mailed in my memoir. Does it always feel like this, after? Like your heart is gonna explode because you cant wait to know or hear or breathe...

Is it always like this? Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

@markmcelroy @orionkidder @steven_ovadia
That is actually why I joined as well! If you guys figure out something, I will happily join!

So I thought about it, and decided to make a few of those revisions you suggested. I think the small things you suggested (about preciousness and obviousness) were warranted, and that it flows easier.
I was hesitant to change anything else, but you made a fair point with "showing" rather than "telling". Would you care to read the revised section?

The smell of roast coffee wafts through the air.
Machines scream as they steam milk, turning it to foam.
Behind the bar, baristas dance, talking and moving in perfect synchronicity.
Crash! A broken glass!
Suddenly this symphony is out of tune, and the players cannot keep up.
Customers keep lining, while partners keep cleaning.
Then, order resumes. Baristas dance again, and customer's coffee arrives.
Balance is restored, and the sound of grinders and steamers rise in the air again.

@Jacobevans I'm wholly indifferent as to whether anyone assumes to think I'm qualified or skilled enough to be a writer. They are concepts that simply don't exist.

You write, therefore you are. Write for yourself, for your inspiration. Write for your compulsion, your inner Muse. Write to soothe the obsession, because you need to. Write for therapy and write for joy.

Don't write for other people, people who may judge or belittle.

It can be. It taught me a lot, about life, love, and myself.

Here's my 10 seconds of courage. I wrote this a while ago, and I'm entering it into a nonfiction memoir contest. It's pretty personal. What do you guys think?


Do you ever feel unqualified to be a writer? Like you don't have the experience, or training? Half the time I write I feel like no one will ever like what I write... urghhhhh

Well when I was younger, I didn't. I just wrote whatever came to mind and went with it. As I've gotten older I've realized for some stories there needs to be more structure. So I make fixed points in time. I make a list of all the things that /must/ happen in the story. Then I gradually make my way outwards. I never lay out the story in its entirety because where would the fun be in that. But yeah, big fixed points, then little points, then filler.

I've stayed up most of the night storyboarding. I've never been a very good storyboarder. World builder, yes. Dialogue maker, sure. But storyboarding? Ugh, its exhausting. I know it's an essential part of writing, especially bigger pieces, but man it's so boring.

This is surprisingly accurate. It's kind of scary turning something in that is 'finished' because there's no going back at that point. Is it weird to be afraid of finishing something?

I write fiction and non-fiction, but I prefer writing fiction. My problem? I have so many ideas, they all bump into each other. I never feel like I can focus on just one story.

Redrafting is literally the worst. I'm already a perfectionist and hypercritical of my work. Having to redraft anything just makes me want to pull my hair out.

Oh yes, I hate that! How you're so excited about something, step away from it, and come back saying, "What was l even doing?"

It's a terrible struggle when you spend several hours writing something, drafting and redrafting, only to realize it technically doesn't fit into the category you were writing for. Urgh!

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