For all -based : the other day I discovered someone's made an AppImage of the last version of Scrivener to be released for Linux. I've been using it for the last few days, and while a few years old, it works great and the AppImage should ensure it stays stable for years to come.

While I've been happy using other tools for outlining and drafting, I've never really found a tool so well-suited for editing. Thrilled to have stumbled on this.

Check it out here:

Hello again, Mastodon! I've been taking a bit of a social media break for a while, but I'd like to get back into it (to help keep me motivated and also keep track of others' creative output) – and nothing shames you into getting back into it like an awkward "hi I'm back" post. Hope to be posting a bit more around here!

Looks like Patreon's investors aren't happy with the site's sustainably profitable model, and are pushing to uh… include more unnecessary crap in their site, as an excuse to demand a bigger cut of all donations. (Thread originally from Twitter.)

The other evening, a friend from Corsica was telling me about planting trees using salvaged World War 2 land mines.

A lot of soil in Corsica is very compacted so, after the war, people would drill a hole into the ground and drop a little explosive into it. The blast would loosen a small patch of ground and also fertilise it — the explosives used potassium nitrate, which is great for fruit trees.

So there are orchards in Corsica which were planted with explosives, and I think that's cool. 🍎 💣

Hey new folks! Just a quick reminder that it is important to put NSFW and sensitive imagery behind a content warning by clicking on the CW button.

This greatly helps people who may be using mastodon in a public space or users of other instances who may not want to see this kind of content.

We also highly reccomend giving our code of conduct a read, which includes useful information about our community and beyond!

Thank you :chitter: :purple_sparkling_heart:

WaPo: I wanted my kids to love books. So why did I stop reading them myself? 

Did @aldersprig post this here...? *looks* Nope, I'm good.

Look at this cute little #writing gamification site! It's really lightweight and simple-concept and I'm not sure it's in development anymore, but it looks like a fun way to give yourself a writing boost.

I just finished another album art commission. My client loves it 💃.

If you need an artwork for your next project contact me:

These were commissions for fantastic musicians - check them out ❤️:,,
#art #illustration #music #mastoart

Brief update: I broke the 10k barrier on Sunday, but then yesterday my progress ground to a halt. The main character for this part reached a critical crossroad, and I realised I hadn't actually set up why she takes the decision the outline says she takes. So, I've gotta go fix that up now. Sigh.

All these websites I use are telling me to "build the hype." I don't want to "build the hype." I want to make interesting stuff and have it appreciated for what it is. Anything else feels disrespectful, both to my work and my audience.

Every now and then I get comments from readers like "wow this is so good I can't believe it's not more popular, you deserve a bigger audience" and I super appreciate it because that's a kind thing to say, but it's really hard not to come back with THEN SHARE IT /PLEASE/

i know i say it a lot but this is really out of the creator's hands. if you think something you're into needs more eyes on it please for the love of god go link it in your discord or tweet it or get on the patreon or SOMETHING

First couple of days of have been a mixed bag. I was exhausted on Thursday and only managed 257 words, then bounced back yesterday to reach a total of 3,514. I haven't yet started *today's* writing though… beginnings are tough.

“It’s funny, we actually don’t call them stores anymore,” Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice-president of retail, said in November last year, a sentiment reiterated at Apple’s new product event on Tuesday. “We call them town squares, because they’re gathering places where everyone is welcome.”

Well that’s fucking terrifying

tip that works for me for when executive functioning is really low or on the fritz 

You are the world's most powerful shadow journalist. Dictators have fallen against your pen, the greatest lies have been exposed, and corrupt empires have crumbled. You are constantly assailed by assassins -which is fine because you are a 3000 year old vampire whose food comes to you.
#writingprompts #writing

This week I worked out how fast I'll have to write to meet my goals.

My novel should reach about 90,000 words, and I'll be out of the country for five weeks starting Dec 8, so ideally I'll have finished a first draft by then. If I'm right about the word count, that's about 2,440 words a day.

Alternatively, since my outline's in quarters, I should aim to be finishing one of those every ninth day (9/11, 18/11, 27/11 and 6/12). Doable, but daunting.

I'm curious what effect the removal of likes will have on Twitter's art community, because art posts usually get a ratio of like 50 replies, 1000 retweets and 8000 likes, so that's gonna be a lot of dopamine gone

'No matter what the law says [about time zones and local time], people will continue "unofficially" using their own local time for most purposes, maintaining two clocks in parallel if need be. This already happens in western China, and can only increase ambiguity. (I guess you'd call that "civil time disobedience"?)'

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