I've always respected the darker, vulgar, grim, moments of Brian K. Vaughn's comics over similar moments from a Ennis or Millar, because they feel like symptoms of the world created rather than moments designed solely to illicit a response from the reader.

I've been really trying to write for the first time ever. I didn't expect pacing to be my biggest hurdle.

Do you think dabbling in formats i.e.poetry for prose writers. helps when it comes to your preferred format?

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Here's my short :) I like to write poetic prose which you can find here bit.ly/2Q5CukA and critical, insightful essays here bit.ly/2NMUnD8. I would say that I am Formalist before everything else. I like to read about people's lives and listen to other's voices - I'd love to see what you're writing!

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“Ke kai moana. In English, it's called the Pacific Ocean, but it's important to remember our words."

"Because language is the heart of culture?"

"That's right. And our culture is as travellers. The vast ocean did not hold us apart. It was what we shared together.”

“And so we kept sailing?”

She looked at Earth, a bright point against the blues and pinks of the martian sunset sky. “The ocean is bigger now, ku’u aloha, but the feeling is the same.”

I thought for a moment I saw a star from the corner of my eye. I snapped my head to catch it with the full strength of both my irises. But, whatever I had spied had been swallowed by the midnight clouds. The storm was inevitable and there was not a single hole to heaven to protect the fire that needed to live.

You've been frustrated with your writing, but have you ever been "burn your desk" frustrated? This guy has.

I swear the adhesive on those coffeeshop stickers could keepa spaceship together on reentry

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Whenever I hear "TOOT!" my mind instantly goes to "POOT!"

Here's an old story that I decided to let see the light of day. Probably a little rough.

"...The smell is what sticks with me the most. The bouquet of gasoline, rubber, and plastic, with a hint of meat all fueling the same fire was actually kind of pleasant on its own..."


Thought it would be fun to do a small character piece about a really emotionally damaged person. 500 words in had to step away and say to myself "Dude, really?" 😐

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I have a project right now, writing one "Happy Birthday" post every day. Happy Birthday to something or someone related to philosophy. You can find the whole series on Medium. Latest: Happy Birthday Gutenberg Bible. medium.com/@DailyPhilo/happy-b

what's everyone's opinion on background noise while writing? Music, podcast, television? I'm definitely a music guy specifically lo-fi hip hop beats.

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I finished the first draft!! I'm nowhere near the word limit, so i'll be looking for another venue to publish it, but that's no big deal. 11321 final word count, and a boatload of editing to do. But editing is tomorrow's worry :)

So I was wondering while I was writing tonight. If you find yourself emulating one of your favorite author's style, do you a)Recoil and try and change it. Or b)Lean into it and accept it?

It should not have been that difficult. I had been walking all my life: Across the carpet to receive the embrace of my mother, across a stage to receive my diploma, down an aisle to receive a husband, across the street to receive my son after his first day on the bus. Yet, with all my experience that walk terrified me. I think it's because all I was going to receive was exactly what I deserved


My name is Jonathan Cadotte. I'm an amateur writer who dabbles in everything from short-fiction to essays to blogging to reviews. I'm currently working on my first novel.

You can find my work at

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