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The historians and film-makers behind Lady Sapiens: the Woman in Prehistory, a French book and documentary to be published in the UK in September, say they are now seeking to debunk the simplistic division of roles by highlighting advances in the study of bones, graves, art and ethnography often ignored in the public sphere.

The National Space Centre, in Leicester, will be hosting four performances of the show: Bowie: Oddity to Mars on 20 and 21 May.

The historian's list of books on the 20th century
"These are just some of the books one can read to have a better understanding of the 20th Century. It is a mixture between general works covering both cultural, economic, and political aspects and those focusing on particular events."

This might be helpful:
As a writer, it’s helpful to stay conscious of your story’s themes so that you can equip yourself with a compass to show you what’s important in your story. This will guide you towards creating moments that engage readers and deepen your story’s significance

Disputed Anne Frank book to be published in German
"The Betrayal of Anne Frank," a book that has sparked controversy about who betrayed Frank to the Nazis, will be published in German in a revised and annotated version.

If you typically add cream or sugar to cut the bitterness, try adding a shake of cinnamon to the grounds before you brew your next pot. This will help add flavor without added sugar and will help you reap the benefits of cinnamon, too.

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