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This weekend is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Sophie Scholl of the White Rose Movement, a young woman who famously stood up to Adolf Hitler and paid for it with her life.

"We won't be silenced," one of their pamphlets read, "we are your bad conscience, the White Rose won't leave you in peace."

I forgot all about this post until I saw it on my Blogger stats today. An oldie, but maybe goodie.
Utopia, Fantasy, and Policy

For fans of punk heroine, Patti Smith, and those on Substack.
Patti Smith has a Substack now.

Longing for the Louvre? The Museum Just Uploaded Over 75 Percent of Its Fabled Collection to a Browsable New Online Database.

The database includes looted items recovered from Germany in 1945 that are waiting to be restored to the families.

Nawal El Saadawi, trailblazing Egyptian writer, dies aged 89

Award-winning feminist author of more than 55 books was a resolute challenger to Egyptian governments

Women Dominated Beer Brewing Until They Were Accused of Being Witches

Some argue that iconography we associate with witches, from the pointy hat to the cauldron, originated from women working as master brewers.


Clara Zetkin, mother of International Women's Day (left) pictured with Rosa Luxemburg in 1910.

Hey everybody, give this a read.🙂 ☕
The Rise and Fall of the Rockers and the Mods

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