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Here we go.. the first (but not entirely unpredictable) moves to allow Musk to step away from buying Twitter after he loses interest in his gimmick of the month.

#elonmusk #ElonMuskBuyTwitter #twitter #birdsite


Capricorn under the sun, Leo in the glow of the moon. 🌙☀️

IG hat sein Layout geändert und es sieht so hässlich aus. Gleich mal neuen Post gelöscht, weil die Seite das einfach nicht verdient. 🙄

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My first post, which is from a recent trip to an area in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument also known as White Pocket (Arizona, USA). #MilkyWay #NightSky #WhitePocket

Romanian on the other hand... been there, have cultural background and references in my family. And I could see one of the main characters as part of the Roma. 🥺

The struggle is real.

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I don't want to change their names, but I cannot justify them for a new setting (Yeah, there is UK, but I know as much about UK landscape/culture, than about US, sooo... unlikely.)

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Originally my story was supposed to be set in New Orleans, but now I consider moving it to Europe for reasons:
a) I have no clue about NO culture, nor have I ever visited the city
b) I don't want to include voodoo, so what's the point of choosing NO then?

However, all characters have very English names, so a German or Romanian setting does not make much sense.

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Bitte kauft ALLE, so ihr es euch leisten könnt, das 9-Euro-Ticket für drei Monate, damit es einen klaren Beweis gibt, wie stark das Interesse an einem günstigen, bundesweiten Ticket ist!

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it is good that he‘s so cute, bc his maintenance is so tedious!

Did not write, but talked about writing with friends.
That counts, right?

Zu dumm, um Maske zu tragen. Zu laut, so stressig. Ugh.

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Homework for white people:

1. Learn when to speak up

2. Learn when to shut up

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Richtige Proletenkinder in der Bahn. Ich hoffe die Menschheit stirbt aus, wenn das unsere Zukunft ist. 🥲

My intention for the next few months is writing more, procrastinating less. Using Beltane to intensify and manifest my plan.

Yet I sit here procrastinating. :‘)

And this is Felix(bear)
I will spam about them A LOT. Be prepared. 🧡

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Writing is never done, is it? I added a new chapter to my thriller, and now I think I want another one.

#writing #editing

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