Life can be so sweet when love and happiness are laied at your feet.

The girl with sun kissed hair, the color of fallen autumn leaves. Long and thick, blows beautifully in the wind and smells of apple picking and pie. Eyes with a sparkle of glittering topaz within earth colored rings. Born of the fall straight down to her soul. My short sweet love. The perfect height for you to rest your ear upon my breast as I embrace you so you may hear my heart pound for you. A heartbeat and love forever more.

The sweetest boy, his mama always told you so. He would jump, hug, smirk, and run away back off to play. So sweet the fairies would visit him in the night and kiss him in his dreams. Each morning he would awake with more kisses lining his arms, face and lips. Until he was covered, blessing him with a smile and skin as soft and beautiful as an angel. Sliky smooth. Hair of fire that would ignite in the sun's light. Like a ruby twinkling in your eye. A true gemstone to walk the earth.

Sunflower... bright, beautiful, sweet, youthful. You are the sun and I the moon. I shall gaze at your gorgeous floret face forever and a day. I'll watch you sway as I confide in you and tell you all I have to say.

Eyes like sapphires, shining, trying to lure you to them with their sparkle and wonder. Hypnotizing, enough to get lost forever in their gaze.
Thought blue eyes are creepy. My mama has gray blue eyes and was a light sleeper. One minute she would be snoring, and the next awake with her light colored eyes shining in the dark. Scared me. Blue eyes remind me of someone who drownd coming back to life, or reanimated people walking in life. But lately, I find myself hypnotized by one particular set.

I flop down on my bed, head spinning dreaming about forbidden fruit. Wanting to sink my teeth in. Suckling the sweet juices. Never getting enough because of how long I've had to wait for this foreign enticing soft flesh.

Blue fire energy, hot, wild... uncontrollable. I have learned how to contain my wild red fire so I could drink it down and it set my earth heart to flame. It makes me smolder. Energizing me. But the blue flame was always forbidden, and how I love to watch it dance.

Little long tongue takes a drink of the cool chlorinated water. Everyone has left the pool out of fear but I grew up here. I watch from a raft as my new little friends take a drink inches away from me and make silly little noises in the sky. I'm thoroughly enjoying this and watching everyone on the sidelines squirm. Out of town where there's not as much sound the sky is black and filled with diamonds. Such a beautiful night to experience a rare sight that it's on my list of favorite memories.

Eyes a blaze, head a maze... It's actually what I prefer. Purple haze and everything a blurr. Sea of blue, I love you too and love drowning in you.

Watching you smirk makes me melt, seeing in your face how you felt.

Your eyes, people want to fuck your eyes. They want to fuck the way you look at them. Staring deep within them with your deep hypnotizing blues. Igniting a fire that is new and powerful. A magic you have over people, and you know it. It's beautiful to observe.

Lucky to have you just for one night, so I can experience all of your might. I will do whatever I have to do to experience all of you. I want you truly madly deeply horribly, I want you in all of your entirety.

Living isn't living if in the end you feel like you never lived. Sometimes experiences sneak up on you where you never thought them possible. Do what you feel is right for your mind, body and soul and never regret a thing. Life is too short for not experiencing opportunities that you never imagined possible...but always dreamt and wish to be reality.

You always had a certain pep in your step. A sexy quick little dance in how you move. Like a quick little jack rabbit. Ready to jump, to react. I'm observant and have always noticed and appreciated it. That pep in your step.

We peer through the looking glass at one another, watching for any and all little enticing displays. A smirk, a smile, a hidden caress. Entraced with how the other one moves. Interested, wanting, enjoying each other's always

A beautiful mind, I want to be mine. If only for the moment. Passion swirls, bodies swurve....engulfed in each others rhythm and emotion.

Console consummate component cadenced charmingly

I lie on the beach and let the waves caress my legs. Moving slowly upwards, I lay back and let the water engulf me. Succumbing to it's rhythm. Happiness, satisfaction....finally. I've waited so long for this...for this peace.

Deep deep blue, always calling you, wanting you. Trying to lure you in with it's mystery and wonder. Hypnotizing you with the sound of it's magic and poetry. You know it's dangerous but you still want to get lost in it and sink into the dark abyss. Like a Kraken wanting to take you down to the depths to devour you. If you circum to it you can get lost forever. Engulfed in the sweet soothing liquid. Becareful, there's muthafuckin sharks in there.
-the Ocean 🌊
(Not about the ocean)

Heart's a racing, sends me pacing around around in my head. All good things pull at my heart strings remembering what was said.

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