Dear hot weather,

You’ve not only proven your point long ago, now you’re drunk and have eaten all my food.

Bugger off.

Very sincerely signed with a middle finger,


I despise that fall is precursor to death
I see fall as I see spring or summer
I feel healed and refreshed with new crisp air
I can breathe easier and love the smells and sights around me

With all the chaos in the world, fall allows me to appreciate the slowing down of earth's happenings
New month, New season, New perspectives, New opportunities await

It's raining red as time stands still in the crisp cold air of an old and historic neighborhood. I may have been driving but I swear time stopped as the rush of red maple leaves engulfed us without ever touching our skin as we were incased in metal, plastic and glass. I WAS driving but I had to stop in the middle of the road and soak in the magical maple rain. Floating stars of the earth twirling, swirling, and whirling towards their last resting place.
-Autumn in Philly with Mama

I'm sorry that anxiety is a part of our reality. As we walk through this earth in our own eternity. Throw it away, you know how. Big big deep breaths now. Is it caused by the struggles of our society, or maybe it's a part of our family history. Whatever it maybe, you are stronger than its entirety.
-light it on fire and throw it in the bin

I watch the trees sway, the beauty soaks into my eyes. The leaves hit the wind and and soar into the skies. The magic of a tree deep rooted in the ground. Gives life to the people of this world that spins around and around.
-wind kissed leaves

Clouds moving ever so smoothly in the sky... consuming each other as they float by. Sweet little puffs as they move in the sun's rays. You gaze at them and you know there is rain in their lovely haze. Such definition in the sky above... looking at it surrounded with feeling of love. You see the birds watch on the rooftops and they see what you see too. Such beauty in this world for all enjoying it with you.

Sometimes I want to rip the heart from my chest and throw it in the trash. Get out of my vessel, you bother me. I'm tried of all your fucking feelings.
-beating dumpster fire

Underneath my skin are bones made of stardust, nebulas swimming through my veins, and a black hole within my soul.
-from the stars

A silly smile that lifts these days,
that seem to stretch;
stretch from a distant crash.

Eyes that if I could cast to stone
would be diamonds -
glittering in a raven sky
pouring down through the heavens
down to me.

Its not the great sweeping, gestures
Its the little moments
where all it takes is a hug
or gentle word
for me
to shatter
into glass.

I don't know about the future
but I know the present
moments, precious gems
under the sun

Life feels a bit empty without hearing the birds singing in the tree, without hearing the rustling of the leaves in the breeze.
Without the hoot of the owl so strong and proud.
Without my beautiful tree planted in the ground.
20 years of life and air it has given.
I hope it's destruction and demise can be forgiven.
-Bless your heart shaped leaves

Touch me, touch my skin.
Cool me off, make me warm within.
Always run warm like I am on fire.
Sleep in sheets with a strong desire.
Desire for the air to be icy cold around me.
Like the snow falling on you from
a big beautiful tree.
An icy blast while you're all bundled up.
A chill so lovely you long to sup
delicious tea from your cup.
Touch me, touch my skin.
Cool me off, make me warm within.
-Just a taste of cold

A few weeks ago, I shared out (workshopping in the open) a series of short poems I was working on with environmental themes for submission to a local gallery of work centered on health and the planet. Three of my poems got accepted. I wrote about it here, if anyone is interested:


Laugh more worry less, for laughter keeps you young and worry ages you with stress.
-the best medicine

Is freedom really free when you're held down by society. A distorted lie of your reality. Is freedom even free when this world lacks opportunity. Where you can live, who you can love, when to die, when to stand and where to sit. When all we wish for is equality.
-let freedom ring

Drink in the ink, get lost within the words. Sink down in them, and then fly high with the birds. Let them carry you away out to sea, or soar you over lands lost for centuries. Let your imagination flow, let it seep out and grow. Igniting your neurons so your brain glows.
-ink drinker

(reaching for others, in struggle)

If only my arms were big enough,
strong enough, long enough
to bring you in

I’d sing for you then, a song
of love, of hope, hymns of faith,
if you’d listen in

I’d find the thread
of both us and weave you
together, once again


Inspired by an exploration of the word in The Cabinet of Calm (Soothing Words for a Troubled World) by Paul Anthony Jones

yayy finally completed with another entry into my series. Thanks to everyone at the for reading, giving feedback and just being a comfort during 2020. You all are amazing folks and its a pleasure to lurk here.

Last day to be this age, tomorrow I get a new one. Another year around the sun. Another year to begin a new, shed your skin and grow into you.

That hurt more than I deserved
because I loved more than I had imagined.
-more than imagined

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