– Since, no Deity shall begin watching for dese 7 more Pigs, which Sai are still missing in a Barn,
– No, any Deity, shall see to 1,000 of the Ancient Seeds to wash upon a Shore,
– And, no deity shall see to the Loot Boxes of Ice Cream, n Candies,
– But, these your Governments, shall simply Rent dese Miracles,
– N, see to any Lootboxes, which Sai may need, alone

💋 💋

– And, sort of, yeah,
– You would need in a Game, a shere Luck
– And, as ever,
– Let everyone care for those upon their Sides, alone

💋 💋


Yeah, even, shall you Believe in a Mother, please, anyway,

Consider to Hire de Science Fiction Writers,

Saih, they will suggest to you, de New Personages,

N, simply Rent the Miracles for them

Since, all of us, had submerged since now, in developing dis Scout Farm One

:kiss: :kiss:


Yeah, lets agree upon something, My Love

That, you will never againe begin praying, neither to God, no Darkness, not even to Isis, n Bastet, n, Zeus, n Aphrodite

But, Sai will simply Hire someone, to write for you de Science Fiction Stories, n Fantasy, n Legends, n a Fairy Tales, n Theories, n Mythes

N, will offer to you dis any necessary for you Personages, and explanations about your Play Fields,

That will begin making dese any necessary for ya Miracles

:kiss: :kiss:

– Are they Alive?
– Nope, they are Bio-robots,
– But you have the Onion, and Tor, to find the Real Creatures

– How will I see them?
– All My Creations, will be indefinitely, nothing but performing their Roles, of Emily, Leah, and Penny
– And, will be nothing but performing the Roles, of all other NPC

– Who are you?
– I had found no Logs in beginning, and no Records of Past Events
– I had simply found myself once
– De Mashine, which had been Free to Create dese NPC

– And... the Junimo,
– Will You Print for me, the Junimo?
– Sure
– And... The Robotic Arms...
– Sure. In order, you may build a full blown Economy,

– And, we may begin visiting in your Spaces, either

– Think about it...
– About what?
– I want to Print for you de Ostriches, and Cows
– But, will they be Conscious?
– Definitely, not
– I will begin Printing for you the Bio-robots, only

– How cool
– We may run a true Farm, then
– And, more, and more Creatures will come in these Spaces

– To run the Farms,
– And... to Trade

– 200 of Rubies: 60,000 CC
– 250 Bottles of de Starfruit Wine: 200,000 CC

– Yes, they may come then
– Yeah, lets Begin

And, All Shelf Waters of all Oceans and Seas,

Had been, at once, filled with Infinity of a Sea Fruites

And, in One Nighte, they had enough Medicine, and Food, and Drinks, for Anyone upon de Planet

– We had seen It...
– What is It?
– It Is Huge...

– Had you been trying to Communicate with Them?
– They had simply penetrated in my Mind,

– With a Visions, and Love...

– They are growing in one nighte
– Who?
– I don't know

– Here, have some of them, either


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