Had to take the bus into town today, and wore a kilt. Some Delores decided to take issue; which sadly I'm used to. "Why are you wearing a skirt?!" and so on. As I said, used to it (and big scary white dude, so I have some privilege to wield), so I'm calmly addressing it with her

But then she said "well how am I supposed to explain that to my kid?!", and friends, I didn't have to say a thing, because the most awesome Black lady jumped in. She turned to her kid (I'd guess roughly 13 years old) and said "hey, why is he allowed to wear a skirt?"

Kid: "he's grown enough to wear whatever the fuck he wants"

Mom: "see?! Ain't hard ma'am"

Delores huffed but that was pretty much the end 🤣

Something a bit different today...

There's a really nice Fediverse admin on here called @stux who provides lots of free decentralised public services (public instances of Mastodon, PeerTube, Pixelfed, Matrix, Nitter, Invidious, Searx etc).

Stux is spending hundreds of euros a month so that these services remain free and operational.

Apparently Stux has had a tough time finding work recently, but has their own small business which provides web hosting.

If you're looking for a small indie hosting provider, this might be a really good choice as the money raised will help keep the Fedi going too:

➡️ stuxhost.com

(I'm sorry to embarass you Stux, but I think you deserve a shout-out for the good work you do!)

im getting slowly back to plotting/worldbuilding for my original ideas and damn i forgot how fun it issss

request for resources, neuromarginalisation, boosts appreciated 

Dear fedi,

I'm looking for resources (such as guides, perspectives, experiences) for a caregiver *with* autism.

The vast majority of resources I could find online were for people who care for others with autism.

But I *am* a caregiver and I have autism. I would like to find online resources for someone like me.

Your help is appreciated! :nd:

PSA, art, talking to myself but maybe you need to hear it too? 

Art doesn't need to be good. Or unique. Or special. It's ok to do art that has been done before. Your art, whatever medium, doesn't need to earn its right to exist. It is an expression of your breath and life and like you, its right to exist cannot be taken away.

Comedians should punch up, not punch down. That's why I'm always taking swings at God.

I got a lovely reminder today that projects I worked on in the past may seem like ancient memories to me, but will be new discoveries for people when they find them later.

As a person who's most familiar with making live performances, asynchronous creativity at times still feels like a magical new idea.

Keep making stuff.
Keep sharing stuff.

I was out walking, lost in thought, and paid little attention to where I was going. Imagine my surprise when I found myself in the Library of Unwritten Books.
I wasn't allowed to read any of my own unwritten books, but I read one of yours.
It was really good. You should write it.
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

its a little hard rn. idk. making art feels painful and unsatisfying ltely. writing is a struggle. i am very scared to go back into a full art/writers block like i was in a few years ago.
i try to take it slow and be patient and try out new stuff.
but its hard. its painful. im tired.

i just wanna make stuff and enjoy it.

I drew this comic a while back, and with the start of another pride month with another slew of terrifying things going on, here is my comic about Feeling Safe and lashing out against the phrase "you don't have to make your sexuality your whole personality"

CW for describing a memory of people being transphobic, but I think it's worth not blurring the entire comic for it

Hey there, does anyone have a good source for a good randomizer or list for prompts? I wanna experiment a bit with something that isn't related to any other poject, but am missing ideas,
anyone who can help?

its almost half past ten and i have already bought some groceries and sent off a letter look at me being a proper adul zzzZZZ

One of the things I miss about the Google plus interface was how easy it was to search for/find & create small communities of interest.

I wish there was a way to do that more simply in the fediverse.

Would love to find more #writers, especially #specfic (#sciencefiction & #fantasy) writers.

There are some hashtags that can help us find one another - #amwriting & #amwritingscifi for example, but I don't thing many folks use them.

So, where are my spec fic writers at???

(Boosts welcome!)

i often feel like its not really worth talking about my current project, as it is a) a fanfiction and i feel often it isnt as valid to talk about the process of that
and b) the kind of fic where you put an oc into the mix of the source content.
i feel these kind of fics are generally the least popular, and (if true) i get why.
I still have fun and can share with my close friends and thats already alot for me, but i cant help wanting to share MORE of it, especially the process

i but i have no clue how to handle the next chapter so i just writer other scenes for other chapters until my brain allows me to figure that one out.

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