why are dialoges the death of me. i feel like they should be easy but currently i want to put everything on fire that is dialog.

maybe i should write about a hermit. cant have dialoge if there is ony one person.

@Nachtlicht you never know a hermit might have inner monologue, or dialogue with the things around them?
I'm not a writer but it seems to me that dialogue is the most difficult thing of the entire story to write. I'm sure that if tried it I'd have to take 90% of the words back out that I wanted to put into my characters mouths. It must be really hard to do.

@Giagia of course dialogue is still possible as well as inner monologue, i was mainly joking. though i do feel inner monologue is still way easier than a two or more person intersction. Different peopel also find different stuff hard, and that also cna change. i used to find dialogue way more easy than prose, but now its the other way around. or at least, for the current project!

@Nachtlicht That's so interesting, that it changes for you. I wish I could write. I bet it's really satisfying to develop a voice for each main character. That must make them come alive for the writer I imagine.
Wishing you easier times ahead with the process!

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