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I am so tired. luckily its only a bad cough + headache and a sruffy nose nothing worse.
yesterday i had a fever but today it already calmed down again.

i didnt remember how much it sucked to be sick. But im glad its just as bad as a cold for me

which is usually bad enough 😬

My #pride collection is out and available on both my website and my Etsy! These 3 inch buttons cover 13 different pride flags as subtle sunset cloudscapes. I made these with people who can't celebrate pride as openly as they would like to.

I have, as of today, #pride #polyamory #aromantic #pansexual #asexual #intersex #genderqueer #transgender #bisexual #demisexual #genderfluid #nonbinary #lesbian

Links to buy are in my bio!

#prideflags #illustration #queerartist #lgbtqia #pridemerch

im always like "i overcame my writersblock!" which is true, but also i wrote german before, and have not since, so i feel like i just "tricked" my way around the writers block

wonder if i can do it someday again (and if i do, will the cringe will catch me again)

A note made in Reykjavík a long time ago: "There's a difference between being interested and being interesting. When you live around Nature that could snuff you out in a moment, is demonstrably visually constantly larger than you, being more interested rather than trying to be more interesting is probably an excellent survival response."

Came across the expression "come visit and ring with your elbow" on A Way With Words, a show about and how we use it. It means when you come round, don't come empty handed!

"Share your linguistic heirlooms with us"

David Tennant is such a cool guy!
But you know who I fucking hate? David Landlord

I get fed today so lovingly
Friend 1 continues reading my bigger project and sening me comments
Friend 2 wants to read short from yesterday later too

queue happy writer noise

Need some beta readers for a shortish story. (20,000 words or so iirc)

I cannot afford any monetary payment but I have some time atm so could do trades for beta-reading your stuff, pixel art/3d design (see my ko-fi page) or other stuff (I have done some voice over narration and stuff before if you want a few voice lines in a deep english voice) hmu

i just randomly pushed out a bit over 2k words yesterday, completely impulsively for a little side project.

i love having one shots at the side while working at my big project. It does feel a little bad though that almost every oneshot is written in a day or two, and for the same amount of words i need like double or triple the time for big project.
Im jealous.
of myself.

need to really think things thriugh with my next chapter and i dint like it when i have to think, so i am instead, complaining about why i even started this project in the first place.

me, one year HRT: trans people are just people! pronouns, name changes — it’s not weird or difficult. just be respectful!

me, nine years HRT: my people know the true name of god and nothing you can threaten could ever destroy what we represent.

i can only date people capable of holding intellectually stimulating conversations in public and privately hold filthy horrible conversations, preferably at the same time.

oh, you're a game designer? i prefer the term "levels daddy"

I felt down about my current project for the last two weeks and finally overcame the dread.
What worked?
Writing my character punching shit.

They are a little gemmlin with anger issues, of course that worked!

Hey there, I am Nachtlicht, or Hugs! Im a young author from germany looking for friends and peers to share my writing journey with.
Most of my work is queer and/or (but mostly and) fantasy focused, but I alway love to explore.
I also do art and other creative things!

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