Recently heard that hamsters like music, so I've been trying to bond with my furry little companion. She doesn't react much to classical music, from what I've seen, so I'm going to experiment a bit. A little synthpop might do the trick.

Omg I just realized those aliens in that one episode of Star Trek spoke entirely in memes

“The ancient ones taught us language and gave us all we needed. Legends say they could create food from metal!”

“Do you really believe the stories though?”

“I'm not sure, but they must have been very advanced to leave such huge ruins.”

“Maybe they were just very tall?”

“Perhaps. There are relics that show us how they looked. Here's a picture of an ancient one.”

“Two legs?” Her ears folded back in surprise. “Weird.” She licked her paw thoughtfully.


I need to surround myself with other writers and the ones on Twitter seem to be more obsessed with adding followers than they do exchanging or engaging with writing, I've only found a couple active discords that are writing related and most writing forums are fairly dead or honestly just boring. hopefully with its extended reach Mastodon proves to be what I need. So hi, fellow writers! Can't wait to see what you have written. ☺️

hi everyone! i'm lily and i'm a light novelist, (aspiring) game dev, and tarot card reader! i enjoy anime and video games along with jpop and kpop! i have too many ocs but can't stop creating them! i'm pretty shy but i would like to make friends!

check out my work below if you're curious!

🌼 LNs:

@OldYogre Well, I've decided on and there is also Both belong to the same admin: @alfred I'm quite happy here!

@OldYogre You are very welcome!

If you were planning to suggest mastodon accounts for family and friends, I would suggest a more General instance, as this one if more Focused into the and WF blog software and writers.

Eugen just launched a new instance, since his large one is too large already. The new one is open to signups :

Or they could try Friendica too, which is more similar to Facebook and might be an easier migration. for info

@OldYogre It is also quite harder for the students, so it takes time for everyone to start adapting and finding the best possible ways to go.

Good luck with the classes. Success!

@OldYogre @matt

Thank you. Now...if we could just FIX the problem, lol.

@OldYogre Carry on! You might not have a certain skill set, but you already have the most important thing- the will to improve education in this context.


"You cannot dismiss me as someone who doesn’t understand. You cannot say it wasn’t my family members who fought and died. My blackness does not put me on the other side of anything. It puts me squarely at the heart of the debate. . . . [I'm descended from] Edmund Pettus . . . Confederate general, the grand dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, the man for whom Selma’s Bloody Sunday Bridge is named. So I am not an outsider . . . I am a great-great-granddaughter.

A bad assumption in economic models that I wasn't aware of:

tl;dr: Too many economists have used "African American" as the variable that explains why African American's have worse economic outcomes. Since, their models say, Blackness is the source of the problem, no solutions can exist. Economists and policy makers [and White voters] don't have to do the hard work of finding, and fixing, the real causes.

And in my home county, not enough testing is being done to even know what's happening with COVID-19. I fear we are set for an outbreak.

Lessons from quarantine and Black Lives Matter protests:

1. small interruptions make effective work extremely difficult.
2. the racism and discrimination I have enacted an supported in the past is painful--even though I didn't know I was hurting people.
3. it hurts to confront the racism of my friends, extended family, and church--especially because they believe they are doing good, like I did.

I'm only now seeing that I can preserve the good I believed in AND stop thoughtlessly hurting BIPOC.

RT The was taken away this morning by



RT I contacted the commune, here's the answer:

<< This is a public space. Only car parking is tolerated >>

They sent the police and took the garden away.


"Both sides" are NOT equally violent, or promoting hate and division. Zero evidence of Antifa organized, or other left-wing organized violence--real cases of right-wing organized violence.

To my non-existent Republican voting readers, time to repent and stop propping up a President who applauds violence from the forces he controls, and lies about the violence (or absence of it) from his opponents. Stop voting for this corruption.

Just discovered r/MGTOW.

I knew it was quarantined for a reason, it tells you that before you can even view the community, but shit.

Like, doesn't it hurt to be *that* misogynistic? Hell, I feel that amount of hate for anything gnaws at the soul.

People astound me every day.

last year some non-mufo told me "riots don't work" when i asked "why aren't we rioting"

it's been interesting to see the precise ways in which riots very much do work

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