Apache Tribe’s Innovative Approach Lowers COVID-19 Deaths


"When the medical team at the Indian Health Service identified people suffering from happy hypoxemia, they tried something simple: detect it early and oxygenate patients at home. They would visit people’s homes, check their symptoms, and use one of the simplest and cheapest medical diagnostic aid devices: a pulse oximeter that measures oxygen levels and pulse and costs as little as $12.

By just paying home visits, accompanying people for a short walk through the house or the patio with an oximeter on their finger, were they able to detect hundreds of cases early, manage them with less aggressive therapies and at a lower cost. Above all, the approach created a surprising outcome. Although the Tribe has one of the highest levels of contagion, due to the work of the medical team, it has one of the lowest death rates in the state and the country."

Also, nearly all the help we received has been from Trump voters. They are amazing people when serving their tribe. But many of these friends feel so strongly for their tribe that they are willing to let others outside of it be hurt, even though they don't condone the actions causing the hurt. It's so hard to hold my conflicting feelings for these friends.

My wife got appendicitis. She is recovering well, but the last two weeks have been overwhelming. Friends have helped immensely, but with COVID we have had no one who could do childcare. So I missed a lot of work hours (I have plenty of sick days, so no crisis) and I'm feeling terribly anxious trying to catch my students up.

I couldn't buy sherbet at the store (it's been out of stock for a couple of weeks), so I made lemon sherbet at whole grain waffles for my birthday breakfast. Best birthday breakfast yet!

I tried to describe my experience of seeing an out of work immigrant family a few weeks ago:

hi ya'll! i'm salt. i'm getting back into poetry & prose after a long break. (work got busy and i got tired.) i used to have a writing tumblr but wanted to get a fresh start. i'm thinking about posting some of the shorter poems straight on here as toots, it'll be interesting seeing whether the requirement of brevity polishes my writing.

anyway, excited to meet some of my fellow writers on here.

So far, this Summer, I can only remember 3 nights during which the temperature was so hot that I couldn't sleep! It's not usual! And, today, I am enjoying the cool breeze on my balcony again! Is so fresh that, soon, I'll have to go inside!

I've been modifying a theme for oldyogre.writeas.com. On individual article pages, when I use # or ## to make header 1 and header 2, the formatting for header 1 is the same as header 2. The main blog title is formatted according to the custom CSS for that page. I can't figure out how to correct this. I want to put a different image behind each header type (WIP)

Welcome to #Norway

A #dailyPhoto taken recently during a trip to #Saltdal, #Nordland, here in Norway. A #farm house painted with the typical Norwegian red paint can be seen in the background: mastodon.social/media/2CwhpxX5

If you want to learn a bit more about why the #paint so often is red, you might like this article former #GooglePlus chief architect #YonatanZunger once wrote about that: web.archive.org/web/2018011621

#landscapePhotography #ruralPhotography #landscapes

Finishing up summer term--badly. I realized that I have spent the last 10 years teaching developing methods that were not easily replicable online. I was doing it on purpose, because I didn't want to be made irrelevant with online education, not because I think online education is bad.

Now I've been teaching online. I shouldn't be surprised I'm not excellent at it. I had neither the skills nor the training, and we've almost made it through ok, anyway.

Unfortunately, it seems that people care less and less for data each day, specially if data tends to displease or contradict them!

"...this city is besieged by a series of law enforcement agencies, including his own federal police officers, not “violent anarchists.” Over the weekend, officers with the Portland Police Bureau and federal agencies sent countless Portlanders to the hospital with swollen eyes, shattered bones, burning flesh, broken ribs, and a lifetime of trauma for showing up to defend Black lives from police violence."


I have friends hearing how university professors are brainwashing students to be politically liberal. I wish I had that power, or simply the power to teach them to be data driven and self-reflective. Then I would trust them to be politically liberal or conservative as best serves their communities.

hi everybody, just arrived on the fediverse, no idea how to be here yet but somehow feels nice

i'm also bad introducing myself, let's say i write, even though i don't like considering myself a writer, even worse an author, although technically i guess i do both things

i write in italian as it is my mother tongue, here i will have fun with both eng and ita

After several months of work, I'm excited to launch collaborative publishing on @write_as!


We've got all the basics there, but there's still plenty of design questions to answer as far as team structures, how granular permissions need to be, and how to make this work across all of our composable projects.

We're keeping everything on Write.as for now so we can iterate faster and worry less about wrong assumptions. But when it's ready, we'll bring it into to give everyone the same ability to create collaborative blogs.

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State & federal licensing which require qualification every 5 years.

Mandatory insurance so that even if they were indemnified, cops would pay collectively when cops did wrong and had to pay damages.

Don't do contracts which allow dismissal for cause to be appealed vi arbitration instead of in the normal courts.


Guardian ethic rather than warrior.

Greater diversity in all levels esp upper management.

Don't assign police to social service tasks. Refund.

If police training materials are kept secret, manufacturers of surveillance technology and private organizations can influence police practices without oversight or accountability. POST must make these training materials available online immediately.

At a moment when more Americans are speaking up about reforming police, a Senate panel is wrongly pushing forward with a proposal to let law enforcement control our online lives. Stop EARN IT. act.eff.org/action/stop-the-ea

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