As draws to a close we want to shout out some of our UK favourites:

Gays The Word
The Common Press
Housmans Radical Bookshop
Brick Lane Books
October Books
The Bookish Type
Queer Lit UK

You are all AMAZING.

Here's to queer indie book shops!

Reconnecting Rainbows Press is proud to be working with @LaCrecerelle on an anthology of works by the survivors of the Section 28 era.

Were you at school in the UK between 1988 - 2003? We are looking for submissions and would love to hear from you!

At a time where new laws prohobiting the support of young LGBTQI+ people are appearing across the world, we need to hear from the people impacted by Section 28 now more than ever.

So, Laura Brady, a friend of mine, is looking for consultation gigs:

From her birdsite tweet: "A quick reminder that I am available for workflow consulting, publishing services, in-house inclusive publishing training, conversion and remediation work, and business planning around accessible publishing."

I've known Laura for years and she really knows her stuff. She's also well connected so even if she can't help you with your problem, odds are she knows someone who can

We couldn't be prouder of the journey we've taken the past few years. We've worked with some incredible trans and non-binary writers - and we're only just getting started.

The world needs more books by LGBTQI+ people. Watch this space for what's coming from us next!

Our website is back online! Time to celebrate with a very large pot of jasmine tea and some poetry.

And while we’re celebrating some our amazing collaborators, we are also busy on support calls dealing with the mess that is our website domain. So sorry it’s not online yet!

Today we’re celebrating the work of RKP ( who contributed this incredible poem to our first book back in 2019!

We're so proud to have worked with the boy behind The Boy Behind the Wall on publishing his incredible poetry!

We worked with Dalton Harrison in 2021 to publish stories and poems from his time as an LGBTQI+ prisoner. Well worth a read!

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