@ReconnectPress Hello, welcome to the writing.exchange! I tried looking at your web site but it doesn't seem to be working.

@wordsmith thanks! We're working on it, should be back online soon. Being neurodivergent means I sometimes miss important stuff, like 'pay this bill yesterday or we're deleting your domain' emails! My friend is on the case.

@ReconnectPress Automated systems are often written by folk who aren't aware of the challenges posed by neurodivergency. It doesn't help that a lot of domain registrars send out scary-looking RENEWAL REQUIRED emails when...the domain is set to renew automatically.

@wordsmith very much so - nothing about the systems are human focussed! But we are so close to having it sorted… I can almost taste the DNS!

@wordsmith working on it - a domain renewal issue, but our site is safe and sound on the server 😂

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