you should know
that there was a
a certitude quartered
whose cremated remains
still lay exposed to whatever may
so far from the lit byway
it was an accumulation
swarm or choir
which vaulted over the tree line
each moonless night
heedless of the summers' gusts
the winters' gales


tapped against the firmament
shifted the beat of the gear
that timed the pendulum
which in turn turns
some of the stars' flicker
the crack consequential
when it reached me was
something essential ceased
in its stead i chased the echo
with feral faith
since each void demands a rush
a beat missed is but a beat rearranged
it was calamity that led me to joy.

Travelogue: Chapter 16

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my brain: you know there are actual rules for how to use commas, right?
me: yeah every verbal pause got it
my brain: no, it's-
me: every,,,,,,, verbal,,,,,,, pause,,,,,,,,,,,,,


i love you
you are in my mind
both when we are together
and when we are not
sometimes as a memory
sometimes as a wish
and even
when i am not careful
sometimes as a fear
i love you
i plan my days based on
what plans you have for
yours near and far
i temper my words when we speak
taking careful account
how your
might interpret my intentions
all and all to harmonize


much as when as we run
i listen to your steps
match your cadence
or i ask you to match mine
i love you
i foment certain beliefs
about why we are here
about what forces
temporal, mundane, and not
conjoined our paths
i pray
i strive to build a common vision
dream a common purpose
and i create
hoping that we will
share them with a progeny that
we will name.

Travelogue: Chapter 15


antebellum syntax lacks
what now
we refer to as the
summa participle
the modifier currently in use
is the first and only
in recorded memory
where both spoken
and written language
spontaneously evolved
seemingly overnight
and across most known languages
lending credence to Jung's


theory of the collective
humanity's need for expressing
that new shared experience
compelled a transformation
a singularity
the intensifier's nascency
that when
fears and pleasures
the crackle sound
between a vinyl-tempo
all became
you and i

Travelogue: Chapter 14

i had never traveled to any
foreign country
left my municipality
until i met you
though i had seen
read fictions with
settings varied
those arrays i rearranged
to what i deemed familiar
all was as it must
until i met you
the rivers had rushed
over well-worn stones
sublimated the torrential
patterned the overgrowth
until i met you
what was known was known
until i met you
until i met you
such strange wonders had i forgot.

Travelogue: Chapter 13

these fruits that we've
temper our starvation
they provide a jolt
and quicken our reactions
they were there
exposed and unguarded
any signage that may have
to fend us off
must have rotted
or been washed away along
any proprietary boundaries
we've forgotten
which last flag we saw
we see just the one frontier
we obey the only one law
between the earth and sky
we sow
we love.

- Travelogue: Chapter 11

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Saw this quoted on birdsite and it hit home for me... I need to focus more on doing vs. planning:

"The devil frequently fills our thoughts with great schemes, so that instead of putting our hands to what work we can do to serve our Lord, we may rest satisfied with wishing to perform impossibilities."

St. Teresa of Avila


the lunar landscape
becomes less monotonous
approaching the divide
from the magnetic equator
between the dark and the light
since though the vegetations
from each side have evolved
to thrive
using biological implements
diametrically opposite
in their efficiencies
(one flowers
pale with a reflective gloss
to disperse the excess of the sun


the other flowers
pale with a reflective gloss
to bounce what beams may be
grasped and shared
back around deep throughout
its half of the surface)
they haven't yet become
genetically incompatible
in that frontier we find
a patchwork ecosystem
of shortened lifespans
but ever-marching variety
life imposes itself
faster than the sciences
are able to catalogue.

- Travelogue: Chapter 10

the clearing exposes us
to the noontime brightness
the vegetation here
smothers any vagrant seeds
from the pines that dwarf
it rushes
every way a violent splatter of
tender shades of green
before relenting to the forest shade
we head through
diminished in comparison
to the age and enormity
bark cliffs
without recourse
we fall
we dig
we tear
root and stem and leaves and leave
a seed behind we hope
fast outruns
that which is surrounding it.

Travelogue: Chapter 9

the weather becomes
it insists
but together we agree
to venture
because though others toil
dream of a harvest's hearth
we measure moisture
as a tactile rite
as if poetry
memorize the almanac
we sensualize the stars' path
while together we walk
moonlit or dark
not toward
but as a corollary to our

- Travelogue: Chapter 8


there must be
places linear
where the horizon does not
where free from the pattern
predestined of cycles
every thing grows exponentially
where evolution does not progress
but rambles
metastasizing life without reserve
there a static web of
suns and moons
jewel the endless sky
kaleidoscope the meteorology
define seasons in terms
imagine us shipwrecked
together there where
the length of each night


depends on the size
shape and speed
of the ancient clouds above our heads
we'd sing
make love
give birth
halls so vast that echoes with
etymologies long dead
interrupt and rearrange
the rhythm of our prayers.

- Travelogue: Chapter 7

# writing

i long for complacency
with you
instead of this
this urgency
this ceaseless inclement
with you
my mortality glares
just over your shoulder ever
a patient predator
steadies its heart beat
"not yet, more"
with every kiss
i race to satiate
wear your lipstick
smeared upon my skin
drown tangled in your hair.

- Travelogue: Chapter 18

we weren't accustomed to this sort of
staged antiquities individually beneath perpetual light
thoughtful details inviting the senses to roam
we shuffled sheepish through scented hallways that branched perpendicular onto halls
our echoes muted by
tapestries depicting mythologies unknown
to us
it all seemed beyond what we'd calculated our destiny to sum
we did not belong
here amongst
but here
we found charity rained
from a deity which with stern
words said

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