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My attempt at iambic pentameter:


The drain is dripping, the faucet broken.
One of the many things to be replaced.
Moments of silence punctuated by
Echos and sighs of missed memories,
Falling away and pooling in a dark place.
Ghoulish song and laughter ring through the pipes.
The chaos it causes prevents me from Sleep.
It consumes and fills the house with dead sounds.

Can I hire a housekeeper to go into my brain and... Maybe just vacuum a little? Take out some trash? Just... Something. I can't do it but Id like to hire someone to do it.

Me: I'm writing a song for my sister.

SO: Aw that's sweet.

Me: Yea, it's called "Is He Actually Hot Or Is He Just Giving You Attention?"

It's weird to be reading OSHA regulations NOT through the lens of evil lairs and villainy

@thebestpatrick and I are starting a punk band called "Sex SCAB" if anyone is interested. We only write and perform pro-union shows with the intention of making strikes way more inconvenient for those not involved. All proceeds from shows will benefit charities.

If anyone can ask their mufos, significant other, or even their mum on how to make perfect soft boiled eggs I'd be grateful. I've been doing something for 5 days and I don't think I've gotten them right. Their either much too soft or more medium. Someone help a raccoon out!

I've raised this girl since she was born. Runt of the litter at almost 14 years old. She's survived an almost fatal kidney infection and is currently fighting eColi. She's old but everytime I'm home she curls up with me and it's like her pain just melts away. She becomes a kitten again. I know her time with me is coming to an end but she has been the greatest of cats

Ya'll wish me luck as I rewrite this senior thesis in which if I don't pass I don't graduate!!!

I got a 96% on my brit lit final... Can only imagine it is my prof's way of telling me to never come back...

I'm so stuck in my ways I just paid 33 dollars for a pair of sandals on ebay because they discontinued the style I like 5 years ago...

im kind of like the joker except an enby

Sometimes I wonder if my SO worries about how long my list of people's faces I'm going to sit on is. Then I remember someone else to add to the list...

I mean it’s a weird and pleasurable to fantasize about who my friends are when I take a Pokémon gym and it fills with others silently and anonymously

Lounging in the river, the water flowing over our pebbled hands,
babbling with the waterfalls, washing the dirt from our bones.
The world erupts around us but we lay in the cool pools,
staring up at the endless cosmos, waiting to dissolve into the coming silence.

Let us dress up like the woods
and take shelter from monotony.
Let our mantles be of leaves and our hearts be of stars,
the wind is our whisper under the canopy of dreams.
You trace your roots along the spines of trees,
laughter lights in the crevices in our bark, and we drop
the shreds of humanity at the creek.
Batting your blades of grass against my stone,
new beginnings of saplings sprout from our shoulders,
our earthen skin supporting the life we create.

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