We start filming today and I just learned neither actor is actually interested in acting. If I have to tell them to emote one more time I'm gonna fucking die.

@RooTurboMoth Or you could pretend you're David Lynch and just let them do whatever the hell they want. [Joke]

@RooTurboMoth Hell, I'd act for you. I can at least fake emote. lol

@StevenDBT told a kid he has to wear a bowler hat and he said he doesn't want to do it because it messes up his hair. His hair looks like he slept in a knit cap anyway. And now, a few hours before, he has told me he doesn't own a comb so he can't style it the way I asked.

@RooTurboMoth This is why directing is hard. It's not the camera or the lighting or understanding composition, pacing, plot - its being able to manage people. Some of whom are dickweeds.


@StevenDBT I'm literally all of that. I need this project to be phenomenal because it goes in my portfolio.

@RooTurboMoth I wish I could do more than cheer lead. When your film is done, will it be available online?

@StevenDBT I appreciate the cheering. Thank you. I may put it up, depends on what everyone wants though

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