Getting back into the after a long Thanksgiving :) Got halfway through a cosmic horror story before realizing that the horror wasn't quite as cosmic as I'd first imagined... Anyone have tips for writing this sort of thing???
Otherwise, I may leave the random "aside" episode homework for lump-sum exercises at the end of the whole experience

I can't find my account on Mastodon! I did go into their options and enable federation, which is all I thought you needed to do :( if anyone has experience getting these things to work together, please help me!

Assignments for episode 10.2 use the responses from 10.1 and are as follows:
1: Take two of them and combine them into one story.
2: Take one and change the genre underneath it.
3: Take one and change the ages and genders of everybody you had in mind for it
4: Take the last one and have a character make the opposite choice

Trying to figure out integration with Mastodon still, but here are my responses:

Probably need to find a simpler way to record these things... 500 characters is more than Twitter, but I'm a long winded gas bag :)

10.1.5: In a jazz club, the instruments can speak to one another, but only while being played. Changing tastes put pressure on the club, and the instruments, fearing a life of solitude awaits them, they go on strike, preventing the musicians from being heard. The action attracts community attention, and eventually the owner relents. However, having seen they are at his whim, the instruments begin hatching a plan to remove him and run it themselves.

10.1.4: Two explorers battle it out for the best radio connection, piloting remote submarines through the metallic shell of a sunken treasure ship, trying to keep their connection up long enough to claim the riches.

10.1.3: In the oldest city of a great empire, earthquakes have started happening where before there were none. The city gov. does its best to keep repairing the damages, but once sink- holes begin popping up, swallowing buses and trains and a small dentist's office, it's forced to admit defeat. At night, strange noises come from people's basements and the people grow fearful of what ancient thing predates their city.

10.1.2: As country A gears up for war against its former, long-time ally country B, the army gins up a xenophobic fervor. A young woman who escaped violence in B by going to A as a girl is pressed to either make her stand in the country she calls home, or else flee to safety in the place she once fled.

homework assignment 10.1.1 

part 1 went faster than I'd imagined!

1: Aliens come to Earth and become subsumed by the profit motive. Being good cooks, they end up selling hot dogs in NY, pushing all the other vendors out of business. Ends with an alien seeing a former vendor begging for food. The alien doesn't give any, as the vendor can't pay.

Starting the with episode 10.1

The assignment is to generate story ideas from

1: an interview or convo
2: research
3: observation
4: a piece of film media
5: a piece of music

Working on these and hope to have them up by tomorrow :)

I'm going to start doing the season 10 "Master Class" version of the podcast Writing Excuses (hosted by Brandon Sanderson, and apparently the head of the SFWA, among others). Anyone want to join me on this journey?

If so, I'll be tooting my exercises using to keep things simple :)

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@Scherpa Oof, my bad for the late reply. Still recovering from an 11+ hour workday. So not good at doing little summaries, but these are people I've followed pretty much from the get-go:


And yeah, is a pretty good start for finding accounts to follow. There's also a bunch of writers on here that are all awesome. is a good hashtag to sample said writers.

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Wait... We know AOC is wild smart AND she's a gamer??

I feel like we need to meet. Soon.

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Hey, just a newb amateur here. I've written quite a few poems over the past year. Also the past few months on Reddit I kept making r/WritingPrompts and wanting to make the prompts increasingly complex, so I'm gonna try making some short stories and putting them on the Fediverse's favorite platform.
From what I've seen so far this instance seems very calm and peaceful. I look forward to discussions and inadvertently learning crazy news here.

Howdy y'all,
First post here... Anyone got follow recommendations?

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